Sprint 6V

The Alfasud Sprint 6V was the result of an idea Alfa-technicians had in 1983. They wanted to design a new race-car, which should start in the new Group B of the FIFA . Potential opponents would have been the Peugeot 205 Turbo 16, the Renault 5 Turbo or the  Ferrari 288 GTO and Porsche 959.
Sprint 6V
To get the permission to start in the Group B at least 200 cars had to be produced for the official market. After the production of several pre-series prototypes, the Alfa-economists stopped the project. Selling 200 Sprint 6V would have been no problem, but Alfa Romeo had more serious problems to cope with in this period. The bad financial situation of the state-owned IRI-group member Alfa Romeo and its weak image - result of serious quality problems -  made the realisation impossible.
The technical differences of the Sprint 6V compared to a usual Sprint were extreme. Instead of the front Boxer-engine, the car was equiped Sprint 6Vwith the 2.5 V6 engine of the GTV 6 2.5. The engine found its way into the drivers cabin (behind driver and passenger) of the car. This made the 6V a two-seater. To achieve a more silent cabin, the rear engine compartment was seperated by a glass window from the front seats. The rear window was removed. A plastic attachment like the one of the Lamborghini Miura took its place. This device should assure that the engine could be cooled adequadly. Another air-intake was included in the rear spoiler. The driver entered a really luxurious cabin. Leather-trimmed bucket seats, a leather MOMO steering wheel, a special leather-trimmed dashboard console and the red floor carpet distinguished the 6V from its Boxer-engined colleagues. There were even electric front-windows. A red speedometer and rev counter even enforced the sportive appearance. Wheelarch extensions, alloy wheels, a larger front air-dam and a special rear spoiler, body-coloured bumpers, smaller mirrors made the 6V easily distinguishable from its more usual looking Boxer brothers. An exact number of the produced prototypes of this very special and exotic Sprint is unknown to the author. The Museo Storico still owns a different version of the 6V which has a less luxurious equipment than the one displayed on the photos.

Sprint 6V cockpit The interior

It also has a different exaust with two single pipes, different wheels and rear spoiler and a completely different device at the back of the car. The car must have been a real rocket which was able to reach a top speed of 133 mph. If it had been produced, it would have been a real dream for every Alfa enthusiast.


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