Alfasud Sprint Veloce B&B

Alfasud Sprint Veloce B&BThe showcar Alfasud Sprint B&B was presented to the public at the Turin Auto Show in 1982. The Italian car magazine "Auto Capital" had suggested the building of a modified Alfasud Sprint. A white Alfasud Sprint 1.5 Veloce was used as base for the B&B Sprint. Auto Capital charged the German stylist Rainer Buchmann and his company B&B which was situated in Frankfurt with the reworking of the Alfasud Sprint's design. Buchmann and his team earned their money with the modification and redesign of exclusive cars for VIPs. The B&B Sprint was aimed at a small but exlcusive segment of custumers which could afford a small sportive coupés with exlcusive features.

Buchmann used the Trofeo Sprint race car as example fro the redesign and started working. He replaced the front chrome bumper against the plastic bumper of the Alfasud Ti series III and integrated their ends into the wide wheel arch extensions. A small front air dam was also added to the Sprint's front. The rear The dashboard of the B&B Sprint.bumper was exchanged by the plastic one of the Alfasud Ti series III, too. The ends of the bumper were also integrated into the wheel arch extensions. The chromed Scudetto was painted in dim black as all the other chromed details of the body. Buchmann also modified the radiator grille and replaced the chrome lines between Scudetto and front lights against two larger plastic covers which were painted in the body's colour. The old mirror was replaced by body-colour coded Vitaloni mirrors. Special light alloy wheels were mounted, too. Finally Buchmann gave the Sprint a respray in a special blue duo-effect paint. Titanium-dioxyd crytals which were added to the paint let the paint change its colour when different intensities of light reach it. This so called  Iriodine-paint resembles the paint Audi used in the early 1990s for their mother-of-pearl paint.

The engine and suspension of the Alfasud Sprint B&B remained unchanged. The only mechanical parts, Buchmüller changed were the wheels and the rear muffler which was exchanged against a sport exhaust muffler.

The interior of the B&B Sprint was even more The interiorexclusive than the outside. Buchmann installed specially made König sport bucket seats, which were covered with fine grey Alcantara. Alcantara was also used to cover the dashboard, door panels, centre console as well as the shelf behind the front seats. The Alcantara door panels can not be seen on the photos. Presumably they were still not ready when the press release photos were taken. In addition to the Alcantara parts, a smaller leather steering wheel was added. B&B specialist for high-end car hifi, installed twelve Blaupunkt speakers and a Blaupunkt Atlanta SCR 22 radio with 4x20 Watt, LCD-display and auto reverse cassette-player in the Sprint - at that time the top of the range. Eight of the twelve speakers were installed into a panel which was specially made by B&B. It was placed under the tailgate and deminished boot capacity considerably. The other four speakers (all of the in the size of a larger plate...) were mounted on the door panels. As a replacement for the boot, B&B removed the rear seats and installed a special shelf which filled the room between the speaker panel and the front seats. This tray and its lid were also covered with Alcantara.

The Alfasud Sprint Veloce B&B  was the first co-operation between Rainer Buchmann and a foreign (not-German) car manufacturer. After its appearance in Turin, the B&B Sprint fell into oblivion. In the early 2000s it then appeared at a Milanese vintage car dealer. Its speedometre showed 13.000 km.


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