Alfasud Corsa 7 and Tour d'Europe II

Alfasud Corsa 7Alfasud Corsa 7

The Corsa 7 was presented to the public during the 47th IAA at Frankfurt. The base was the Alfasud L which was changed into a sportive streetracer.

It featured a five-speed gearbox, rev-counter, leather steering wheel, halogen headlights, wheelarch extensions, a rear spoiler and the front air dam of the Alfasud ti.

The Corsa 7 had huge 205/60 tyres on alloy wheels and could be easily recognized by the side stipes and the "Alfasud Corsa 7" logo along the skirts.

 The first buyers got their cars in November 1977. A limited number of only 1000 cars was produced. Price: 13.490 DM.

Alfasud Tour d' Europe IIAlfasud Tour d'Europe II

The Tour d' Europe II also was a limited edition based on the Alfasud L. A thousand units were made. A ti air dam, a rear spoiler and the logo and stripes along the skirts were the most important optical features. 

The ensemble was completed by a line along the sides of the car, halogen lights, rev- counter, five-speed gearbox, mud flaps and special alloy wheels. The Tour d' Europe II was presented together with the Corsa 7 during the 47th IAA and was available form November 1977 on. Price: 11.990 DM.

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