1983 - Facelift for the Sprint

Sprint 1.5 QVIn 1983, the successor of the Alfasud is born. It is the brand new Alfa 33 which shall free Alfa Romeo from the rusty desaster named Alfasud. So the Alfasud range is reduced to one version, the Alfasud Ti 1.5 QV with 105 bhp. This version survives because there is still no sportive version of the Alfa 33. The production of all other versions of the Alfasud ends step by step during the year. The Alfasud Sprint is called Sprint from now on. Alfa Romeo gives it a facelift. It now has dim black plastic bumpers and a new radiator grille made of plastic. Lateral protection panels and a new mirror are added to the body. Two different versions are available: the Sprint 1.3 with 85 bhp and the Sprint 1.5 Quadrifoglio Verde (Golden Cloverleaf) with 105 bhp.Sprint 1.5 QV The Sprint 1.5 QV is only available with the short transmission ratio. Both Sprints (1.3 and 1.5 QV) have two Weber 36 IDF 44 / 45 twin-choke downdraft carburettors. In some countries, one can order the Sprint 1.5 QV with a catalyst (e.g. Switzerland, the Netherlands). The Sprint 1.3 has a red stripe running along the bumpers The interior of the Sprint 1.5 QV.and the lateral protection panels, the Sprint 1.5 QV has a green stripe. The scudetto of the 1.3 is dim black, the 1.5 QV is painted in green. The Sprint 1.5 QV is equipped witha green floor carpet. It is the same green as on the seats where Alfa Romeo uses a black fabric with lots of little green points. In addition, the 1.5 QV has new bucket seats. The dashboard is also modified. New, round switches for the fog lights and the rear window washer / Sprint 1.3wiper are installed in the middle of the dashboard. The Sprint 1.5 QV offers a rear wiper /washer and 14 " Speedline alloy wheels with 190/55 HR 340 or 185/60 HR 14 tires as standard equipment. The 1.3 is delivered with 13" steel rims and 165/70 SR 13 tires.

For a short period, the Sprint Speciale is offered in the UK. Some racing Sprints are built by Autodelta for the  Sprint-Cup. The production of the Alfa Romeo ARNA starts in Pratola Serra near Pomigliano d' Arco. This new Alfa which is positioned below the 33-range uses the body of the Datsun / Nissan Cherry and combines it with the engine, gearbox and front axle of the Alfasud.
1983 Chassis Numbers Code
Alfasud 1.2 S / SC ZAS901D40*05447751 to *0544600 Type 901 D4D, Engine Type AS30104
Alfasud 1.3 Super ZAS901F30*05170000 to *05172000 Type 901 F3C, Engine Type AS30164
Alfasud 1.3 S ZAS901F30*05170001 to *05172001 Type 901 F3D, Engine Type AS30164
Alfasud 1.5 QO ZAS901F40*05170001 to *05172000 Type 901 F4D, Engine Type AS30128
Alfasud Ti 1.3 ZAS901G40*05094000 to *05102999 Type 901 G4B, Engine Type AS30168
Alfasud Ti 1.5 QV ZAS901G50*05094000 to *05102999 Type 901 G5C, Engine Type AS30146
Sprint 1.3 ZAS902A40*05092201 to *05114299 Type 902 A4A, Engine Type AS30168
Sprint 1.5 ZAS902A50*05092201 to *05098999 Type 902 A5A, Engine Type AS30128
Sprint QV see below Type 902 A5B, Engine Type AS30146
Sprint QV ZAS902A50*05099000 to *05114300 Type 902 A5C, Engine Type AS30146

** 2 twin choke down draft carburettors (1) normal transmission ratio  (2) long transmission ratio

1984 - Launch of the Sprint 1.5

Sprint 1.5The production of the Sprint 1.5 starts. It has the trim of the 1.3 with grey fabrics in the interior and can be recognized by the wooden steering wherel and by the grey stripes on the bumpers and lateral protecion panels. The Sprint 1.5 stands on 165/70 SR 13 tyres with steel rims and can only be ordered with the long transmission ratio gearbox.
The Sprint 1.5 is sold with the 95 bhp engine of the Alfasud Ti 1.5 on some markets (Switzlerland, Australia) were the 105 bhp engine does not fullfill the emission standarts.

Meanwhile the Sprint has become aged and the Alfa Romeo importers lanuch several special editions in order to keep the production running. The Sprint 1.5 Grand Prix  special edition is sold sold in some countries (i.e. Germany). It is based on the 1.5 QV. In France, one can buy the Sprint Balocco which also bases on the 1.5This is the dashboard of a swiss version of the Sprint series III. QV.

At the end of the 1984, Alfa Romeo adapts the floorplan of the Alfa 33 to the chassis of every new Sprint. From then on, all Sprints have a modified front suspension with outboardly mounted disc brakes and the rigid rear beam axle of the 33 with brake drums.

The last Alfasuds are built.
1984 Chassis Numbers Code
Sprint 1.3 ZAS902A40*05114301 to *05120500 Type 902 A4A, Engine Type AS30168
Sprint QV ZAS902A50*05114301 to *05120500 Type 902 A5B, Engine Type AS30146
Sprint QV ZAS902A50*05114301 to *05120500 Type 902 A5C, Engine Type AS30146


No changes.
1985 Chassis Numbers Code
Sprint 1.3 ZAS902A40*05120501 to *05124899 Type 902 A4A, Engine Type AS30168
Sprint QV ZAS902A50*05120501 to *05124899 Type 902 A5B, Engine Type AS30146
Sprint QV ZAS902A50*05120501 to *05124899 Type 902 A5C, Engine Type AS30146


No changes. Alfa Romeo is sold to Fiat and loses its independance.
1986 Chassis Numbers Code
Sprint 1.3 ZAS902A40*05124900 to *05128600 Type 902 A4A, Engine Type AS30168
Sprint QV ZAS902A50*05124900 to *05118600 Type 902 A4A, Engine Type AS30168
Sprint QV ZAS902A50*05124900 to *05118600 Type 902 A5C, Engine Type AS30146

1987 to 1989 - the Sprint profits by the Alfa 33

The production of the Sprint 1.5 Quadrifoglio Verde ends. Parallel to the Sprint 1.7 Quadrifoglio Verdebrand new Alfa 33 1.7 QV Alfa Romeo offers a Sprint with 1712 cm³. It is called the Sprint 1.7 Quadrifoglio Verde. Its engine has hydraulic tappets and two Weber 40 IDF 69/68 twin-choke downdraft carburettors. The new engine develops 114 bhp. The Sprint 1.7 QV's front brakes were upgraded in order to cope with the increased power of the engine. Alfa Romeo installs the new vented front discs of the Alfa 33 1.7 QV.

With the facelift the big lateral protection panels with the colourful lining disappear. Alloy wheels with a new design and a colour-coded mirror enter the production. The door handle push-buttons are now kept in black and the sills are now hidden by a black plastic cover. The scudetto is again chromed. The Sprint 1.7 QV comes with a small, colour-coded rear spoiler. It is stated with a top speed of 202 kph. The interior of the Sprint 1.7 QV.This makes it the fastest Alfasud / Sprint ever built. Compared to the interior of its predecessor Sprint 1.5 QV, the interior looks rather plain. A rough grey fabric with grey leather inlays replaces the black fabric with green points which was used in the Sprint 1.5 QV. The dashboard is now kept in a light grey. In some countries (e.g. the Netherlands and Switzerland) Alfa Romeo offers the 1.7 QV with the 105bhp engine of the recently launched Alfa 33 1.7 ieSprint 1.7 Veloce. It is called the Sprint 1.7 ie Quadrifoglio Verde and has a Bosch LE 3.1 Jetronic system. A three-way catalyst (Euro-1 emission standarts) is standard. In Austria Alfa Romeo relaunches the Sprint in 1988 (as 1.7 ie QV version) -  after they had to stop selling it some time before because the old Sprints with carburettor-equipped engines could not cope with the the more severe emission standarts. In Great Britain Alfa Romeo offers the Sprint 1.7 Veloce which is infact a Sprint 1.7 QV with a Zender spoiler-kit. Five-spoke alloy wheels can be ordered as option. The Sprint 1.3 is still produced besides the 1.7 QV. In 1989 the production of the Sprint ends. 18 years after the launch of the first Alfasud in 1971, the long and sometimes sad story of the series 901 / 902 / 904 ends silently. The superb idea of Rudolf Hruska has been copied by many other companies. Meanwhile it can not cope with the raised standards in passive safety and luxury equipment. The old Alfa 33 (series 905) which has delivered a lot of parts for the last Sprints will be replaced in 1990 by the Nuova Alfa 33 (series 907).

The Alfasud's successors with Boxer-engine 33, ARNA and 145/146

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