1971 / 1972 - A star is born

The 1972 Alfasud.After long years of planning and engineering, the Alfasud is presented at the Turin Motor Show in 1971.
The entirely new vehicle has nothing in common with the Alfa Romeos (series 105) which were produced before.In contrast to the classic Alfa drivetrain-layout with a front Bialbero four cylinder engine and rear-wheel-drive, the Alfasud is a front-wheel-drive car which has a four cylinder Boxer engine with a capacity of 1186 cm³ which overhangs the front axle. The engine was developed in order to repair and maintain it as easily as possible, everything is accessible without greater problems. Valve adjustment has been simplified: you do not have to remove the camshafts anymore to adjust the valves with shims because the camshafts of the Boxer-engine have little holes. Through the holes you can adjust the valves with an Allen key with ease. A hydraulically operated dry single clutch provides the connection between the engine and all new four-speed gearbox with integrated differential. The engine comes with one vertical single-barrel Solex C32 DISA/2 carburettor and has develops 63 bhp and a torque of  8,5 The dashboard.kgm at 3500 rpm. With a kerb weight of only 830 kg, the Alfasud reaches a top speed of 152 kph. This makes it one of the fastest 1200 cm³ cars at its time. The front brake discs are inboardly mounted to reduce unsprung masses. This improves the comfort. The rear wheels are als braked with disc brakes. The first Alfasuds still do not have power-assisted braking. The independent front wheels with Mc Pherson struts, transverse arms and trailing beams have an anti-roll bar. The rigid rear axle has trailing beams and a Panhard-rod. 145 SR 13 wheels are standart. The cabin.As optional extra there are 165 / 70 SR tires. The concept with a front Boxer-engine allows a very roomy interior. Compared to other Alfa Romeos of that time, the equipment and trim of the Alfasud is rather stingy. Neither a rev-counter nor a water temperature gauge can be found on the dashboard. A red light burns as long as the engine ahs not reached a certain temperature. The seats are covered with skai, the floor with rubber mats. The height-adjustable steering wheel is unique in the 1200 cm³-class. Nearly all controls and switches are united in the two steering column stalks also the fan-switch and the horn. At the end of August 1972 the Alfasud has reached the European Alfa dealer's showrooms. There are so many orders that Alfa Romeo can not deliver the new car as quickly as the clients want. Alfa Romeo first planned to introduce a two-door version together with the launch of the four-door Alfasud. But only some two-door prototypes are made.
1972 Chassis Numbers Code
Alfasud AS*5000001*901A to *5022351*901A Type 901 A, Engine Type AS30100

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