1973 - Launch of the Alfasud ti

Alfasud tiIn 1973 it proves that the not realised two-door version of the Alfasud was worth something. Alfa Romeo presents the sportive two-door version Alfasud ti in October 1973. Ti stands for tourismo internazionale - this abbreviation was already used in the sixties where Alfa used it for the faster and more powerful versions of the famous Giulia. With the help of one Weber 32 DIR 61/250 twin-choke downdraft carburettor, the Alfasud ti's power output is increased to 68 bhp. At 3200 rpm it has a torque of  9,8 kgm (about 98 Nm). The ti is offered with a five-speed gearbox which is an optional extra at the beginning although some brochures state it to be serial equipment. Automobile sportivity in the seventies is connected with dim black. Alfa Romeo follows this trend and replaces nearly all chromed parts of the four-door Alfasud's body against dim black ones. To distinguish the sportive ti from its four-door brother, it has new bumpers, four round headlights and special wheels. In addition to that, there are a front and aThe interior of the Alfasud ti. rear spoiler. The cabin looks more luxurious. The rubber mats are replaced by a floor carpet and the seats now have head rests. The latter are covered with a bi-colour upholstery with black skai and grey fabric. Then there is a new steering wheel and two additional gauges in the middle of dashboard which inform about water temperature and oil-pressure. The dashboard offers room for another gauge. A new centre console which allows the integration of a radio is there, too. All Alfasuds which are made from June 1973 on have power assisted brakes. Two new extras enlarge the price list: a cigarette lighter and a heatable rear window can now be ordered by the clients. In addition the Alfasud Berlina is now available with headrests and rev-counter (which are offered as optional extras). From November on, Alfa installs a new horn.
The rear of the Alfasud ti with the black spoiler.
The modified dashboard with aditional gauges and rev-counter.
1973 Chassis Number Code
Alfasud AS*5022352*901A to 5099900*901A Type 901 A, Engine Type AS30102
Alfasud ti AS*5320011*901C to *5321451*901C Type 901 C, Engine Type AS30104

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