John Russell's ex Alfasud Ti 1.5

John's 1530 cm³ Alfasud Ti.John Russel once owned this power-tuned Alfasud Ti 1.5. It was his "toy" he The Ti on track.built for sprinting, hillclimbing and trackdays, but he used it every day as well! With its lowered body it looked quite aggressive - and as you will see when you read on, it was indeed a very powerful car.

It has a 1530cc engine (85mm pistons) which is lightened and balanced, with Technical details.gas-flowed cylinder heads and rally camshafts, along with an 11.5:1 compression ratio. It breathes through 40mm Webers and a straight-through exhaust and currently puts out around 145bhp.

The brakes were still inboardly mounted (John prefered the handling) with split calipers, AP The front suspension.The mighty 145 bhp engine.Racing ventilated discs and aluminium mounting bells, and had adjustable front / rear bias. It also had a close ratio gearbox, The sportive interior.and the front suspension top-mounts were eccentric ball joints, which give more castor and a sharper turn-in. The suspension was a 2.25" fully adjustable coilover, made by Leda, and the driveshafts were balanced with uprated joints.

Road tyres were Yokohama A539, but John used slicks on the track. A full roll cage and Momo bucket seats assured John's safety.


Last Update: December, 14th 2003    Created: March, 14th 2001

© Layout and text by Tim Rauen. Photos by John Russell.