Alfasud Junior

Alfasud JuniorThe Alfasud Junior was a special edition presented at the Turin motor show in 1982. It was aimed at young people who could not yet afford an Alfa Romeo and was sold on several European markets.

Two versions were built: Italian Alfa Romeo retailers offered the 63bhp strong Alfasud Junior 1.2 with the old four-door body and a five-speed gearbox. (Presumably some Junior 1.2 also had the 68 bhp engine which was once used in the Alfasud ti series I). In Germany, the Alfasud 1.2 series III had never been officially offered and so, the German retailers got the Junior special edition as Alfasud Junior 1.3. The German version was a four-door car with a five-speed gearbox, too.
To keep the price attractive, the Junior was a quite meagre-equipped car - compared with the other Alfasud versions. In Italy it had to live without front headrests, digital clock, tinted glas and rear armrest Alfasud Juniorand was sold with 145 SR 13 tyres instead of the 165/70 SR 13 tyres which were monted on all other Alfasuds of that time. All Juniors which were exported to Germany were delivered with front head rests because the German legislator demanded them. The Junior was easily distinguishable by its special red / orange / yelloy coloured stripes along the side of the body.
The German Alfasud Junior 1.3 was limited to a thousand units. One could chose between three body colours: white, ebony and a dark brown. Each colour had its own special design for the stripes. The Alfa-retailers offered the Junior for the amount of 13.490 DM - 2.000 DM less than a normal four-door Alfasud 1.3 (according to the price-list of May, 15th 1982). People who wanted to buy a brown Junior had to pay 13.990 DM for it because the brown colour was coupled with three extras: 13" light alloy wheels (whose design was not everybody's taste), a lockable fuel filler cap and a second door mirror.

The Italian Alfasud Junior 1.2 was sold for 8.108.000 Lire. 6000 units of the Junior 1.2 left the Alfasud plant. 4500 of them were sold in Italy. It is not clear whether the 1000 units of the Junior 1.3 are included in this number or not.

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