Frank Weinert's Alfasud Ti group I

Maybe you already know Frank Weinert's "streetcar-Alfasud". Well, it is not his only fast Alfasud. He also owns a group 1 race car based on an Alfasud Ti 1.5. "I've been infected with the racing virus for a longer

Frank Weinert's Alfassud Ti.

time" Frank said,  "but after several races of the Youngtimer Trophy I watched as a spectator, it broke out in 1999". After ten years with several Alfasuds Frank had created his own little spare parts stock Frank's Alfasud on the track...and so he believed to have everything he needed to built a race car.  So, Frank started the project to built an Alfasud racer. He bought another three complete Alfasuds he got from Charly Ludwig and started to work. One car was used as spare parts donator, the other one was intended to be a reserve for the case of a severe crash. The third car was transformed into the car you see on the photos of this page. It took seven months to transform a serial Alfasud into a group 1 race car which runs in the class for cars with a capacity up to 1600 ccm. Now Frank noticed how many parts were still missing. "I had to learn a lot during the first season in the year 2000. Several gearbox defects caused a lot of trouble" (The gearboxes failed during the first race in Zolder and during the hillrace in Insul). But Frank found the reason: the front suspension setup was much too soft. At the end of the year he had reached the fifth place in the class with a capacity up to 1.6 litres. The result of the overall classement was neglectible. "Thats racing", Frank said. The season 2001 was  much better. Frank now started in the Histo-Cup. Frank managed to be the first in his class at the Irmscher Rallye Rems-Murr - "the first and last Rallye with this car, I suffered with my Alfasud". The hillrace at Schirmeck again lead to the winning of his class - even though he had to start in the same class with much further improved cars. Having gained a lot of experience, Frank now also wanted to challenge much newer cars with his AlfasudA view into the interior. Ti. He became second and third during two races on the old US airbase in Bitburg. His competitors were Peugeot 205 GTIs and Suzuki Swift GTIs. The Hockenheimring racetrack was also tried and Frank finished on the second place of his class. At the end of 2001 he had won the second place in the class under 1.6 litres. He became eighth in the overall classement. "The season 2001 in the Histo-Cup was very successful. Let's hope that next year will that good, too!", hopes Frank. His resumé: "It was great fun to race an Alfasud serie III 1.5 Ti group 1".

Frank did not want to tell anything about the technical data of his Alfasud. The only thing he told was that the suspension was upgraded with Koni shock absorbers. The engine and the carburettor setup are top secret, but they accord the group 1 homologation.


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