Alfasuds at the Ahr-Rotwein-Preis 2000

During the second September weekend 2000 a lot of the so called "Youngtimer" (cars of the seventies and eighties) started at a hillrace at Insul near Bad Neuenahr / Ahrweiler (Germany). A curvy road up to the little village Sierscheid was prepared for the cars. All kinds of racers could be found at the ADAC Ahr-Rotwein-Preis. Some Ford Capris, lots of Audi 50 and BMW 323 i, Autobianchi A 110 Abarth, Renault 5 Alpine, Alpine A 110, BMW "new class" (1502- 2002 tii), Opel Rekord and some others could be seen. Of course there were also some several Alfa Romeos. I saw two Bertone 2000 GTV and one 1300 Junior GT. To my great pleasure there were also three Alfasuds.

Frank Weinert's Alfasud Ti series III

Alfasud Ti with mechanical problems.The interiorFrank was not lucky with his Alfasud Ti series III. When these photos were taken at 11:30 in the morning, the car was standing in the paddock and both drive shafts were removed from the gearbox. As Frank told me later on, ther gearbox was defect. Meanwhile The engine compartment.Frank knows the reason for the gearbox problems: the front suspension's setup was too soft.
One can read "Schluck du Sau!" on the air filter lid. This means swallow you pig! Unfortuntately the engine could not swallow anything during this weekend. Even a new gearbox which was quickly delievered could not help anymore. It was too late. A sad weekend for Frank Weinert and his team - that's racing.

Rainer Köppen's Alfasuds

Rainer Köppen did not have success too. The beige Alfasud's engine died during the race. It was driven by Alexander Köppen, Rainer's son. The red Alfasud ti was driven by Jörg Chmiela.


Alfasud preparata da Köppen.


Alfasud preparata da Köppen

The interior of the Alfasud preparata da Köppen.

Alfasud and Alfasud ti. Alfasud ti preparata da Köppen.

On the way back to the paddock.

Alfasud ti

On the way back to the paddock. On the way back to the paddock.
Alfasud ti. Alfasud ti
Why does it not want to run?!

A view into the boot of the beige Alfasud.


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