Nahuel Garavaglia's Alfasud Sprint

Nahuel Garavaglia from Buenos Aires owns this Alfasud Sprint race car. Nahuel Garavaglia's Alfasud Sprint.Some modifications make it faster: The engine was fully blueprinted A side view. Watch the Formula 3 slicks!and the camshaft housings were modified due to excessive wear. The crankshaft was lightened and balanced as well as the conrods, it is fitted with forged pistons and has racing valves. Nahuel makes use of special camshafts.

To transmit the regained power into acceleration, the clutch was reinforced. Gearbox and brakes are standard. The front suspension has been totally modified. Different struts and coils are used and the bushes have been removed and were replaced by ball joints.
Nahuel uses Bridgestone slicks from a Formula 3 racer. This new suspension layout gives the Sprint a very sharp handling. As usual in a racing car, all the trim of the interior has been removed and a full roll cage was fitted. A Momo racing seat was fitted, too.
Nahuel added some gauges to have a better control of the engine functions. The car now has two water

Nahuel playing with a Bertone Nahuel's Alfasud Sprint

temperature gauges, and gauges for oil temperature, oil pressure and fuel pressure. A large revolution counter was installed, too. The sterring wheel is still the serial three spoke one. Only the center crash pad has been removed.


Last Update: Mai, 9th 2004    Created: January, 12th 2001

© Layout and text by Tim Rauen. Photos by Nahuel Garavaglia.