Photos made during the SAC race at Hockenheim 31.03. - 1.04.2001
Alfasud ti Trofeo Alfasud ti Trofeo
Alfasud ti Trofeo An Alfasud prepared for racing.
The Cockpit. The engine bay.
Safety first... Another racing Alfasud ti.
Alfasud Ti series III. Those pictures were made by Frank Ullrich during the first SAC (Scuderia Alfa Classico) race in 2001 at Hockenheim which took place between the 31st of March and the 1st of April 2001. 27 classic Alfa Romeos started. Some Alfasuds were there, too.

Unfortunately there is no further information about the cars.

Nethertheless, tante grazie Frank!


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© Layout and text by Tim Rauen. Photos by Frank Ullrich.