Alfasud Torofino

Alfasud TorofinoThe Alfasud Torofino, was Alfa Romeo's birthday present for 10 ten years of Alfasud in Germany. It costed 13.450 DM. This was 2000 DM cheaper than a usual 1.3 version. Torofino could not attract the attention of a greater number of potential buyers. There was no good choice of equipment or colours. "Edizione giublio" which was a dark brown and ivory seemed to be the only body colours. In addtion to that, the Alfa Romeo dealers had difficulties to explain why buyers should pay 2000 DM more for a usual 1.3. The Torofino was only sold with the 1.3 litre engine. On the picture on the left one can see the alloy wheels theAlfasud Torofino - a sad place. Torofino had as serial equipment. Many believe them to be ugly... On the right, one can see the destiny of many Alfasuds in the eighties. They were thrown away because of the rust. (Have a look at the front door!)

Many thanks to Andreas und Markus Sladek from Cuxhaven, Germany who sent me these photos and first told me about this unknown special edition. They told me that there were three Torofinos in Cuxhaven. Is there anybody who knows more or even has a Torofino at home?


Last Update: May, 28th 2004      Created: December, 3rd 2000

© Layout and text by Tim Rauen. Photos by Markus and Andreas Sladek.