Alfasud series I
Jan Sake Rondaan's 1978 Alfasud L
Josh Woenig's 1977 Alfasud ti
Alireza's 1977 Alfasud ti 1.3
A green metalic Alfasud ti (first series)
Sander den Outer's former red Alfasud 5m
Gaudi's Alfasud L
Steve's Alfasud 5m
Alfasud series II
Ian Baxter's 1979 Alfasud Super in perfect condition
John Russell's series II Alfasud ti 1.5
Michael's ex Alfasud Super 1.2
Peter's (former) much improved every day use Alfasud
Nicolas' Alfasud Super 1.3
Miles' Alfasud ti 1.5
Alfasud series III
Richard Jones' silver 1981 Alfasud Ti 1.5 with 108 bhp
Iris Hasse's former Alfasud Valentino with 105 bhp
Volker Elsenhans' Alfasud <<Retro>> Ti 
Gerrit Kreuter's former Alfasud Ti QV
Didi's white 1982 Alfasud 1.3
Glenn Sowade's Alfasud Ti 1.5 QV
Alfasud Ti 1.5 with AW-Delta spoilers
Frank Weinert's Alfasud Ti
Peter's best Alfasud Ti
Miranda and Michael's Alfasud 1.5
Alfasud Ti 1.7 16V
Bert's Alfasud 1.7
Marc's Alfasud Ti 1.5 QV
Memories of an Alfasud Ti 1.5 QV
Laurent's Alfasud Ti 1.5
Klaas' Alfasud 1.5 QO / GCL
Elias' Alfasud 1.2 SC 5-porte
Glenn Sowade's "All-White" Alfasud Ti
Leonardo's Alfasud 1.2 4-porte
Fabio's Alfasud 1.2 SC 5-porte

Paul's Alfasud Ti 1.5 QV

Alfasud Giardinetta
Alfasud Giardinetta Assistenza Alfa Romeo
Markus Schöberl's former Alfasud Giardinetta with Ti-engine
Alfasud Sprint series I/II
A very special blue Alfasud Sprint with huge wheelarch extensions
Eric Fradet's red Alfasud Sprint Veloce
Didi's Alfasud Sprint <<Plus>> and Alfasuds
Klaus Fassing's wonderful yellow (ex-) Alfasud Sprint 1.5
Klaus Fassings ex Alfasud Sprint 1.5 Veloce Trofeo and Sprint QV
A blue Alfasud Sprint
Alfasud Sprint 1.5 Veloce trofeo
Martin's series I Alfasud Sprint
Sprint series III
Kim Schumacher's Sprint 1.7 QV ie
Franco Fasano's Sprint 1.7 16V
Vasilios Zaharitsefs' Sprint 1.5 QV
Yossi's Sprint QV with 1.7 litre engine
Jordi's Sprint 1.7 QV
In extremo: Sprint 16V
Sprint 1.7 - the little black devil
Mathias' Sprint 1.5 QV
Indraja's and Linas' Sprint 1.5 Grand Prix
Stuart's 1988 Sprint 1.7
George's all-white Sprint 1.5 QV
Photos of collections, meetings etc.
Alfasuds at the Oldtimer Grand Prix (Nürburgring)
Alfasuds at the Oldtimer Grand Prix 2001
Alfasuds at the Oldtimer Grand Prix 2005
Alfasuds found in the family albums
Alfasuds found in the family albums II
Alfasuds found in the family albums III
The Bergrath-family and their Boxer-collection
Discoveries on a journey to Italy
The Boxer-meeting 2001 in Disternich (Germany) 14th - 16th of September 2001
The Boxer-meeting 2003 in Rosenthal (Germany) 26th - 28th of September 2003
International Boxer-meeting 2006 in Mechelen (Netherlands) 08th - 11th of September 2006
International Boxer-meeting 2007 in Skælskør (Denmark) 31st of August - 2nd of September 2007
Swiss Boxer-meeting 2007 in Réclère (CH)
International Boxer-meeting 2009 in Extertal (Germany) 11th  - 14th of September 2009
International Boxer-meeting 2012 in Nieheim (Germany) 21st  - 24th of September 2012
International Boxer-meeting 2015 in Bestwig-Andreasberg (Germany) 4th  - 9th of September 2015
Boxerdag 2013 in Grindsted (DK)
Boxerdag 2016 in Grindsted (DK)
Alfasuds exposed in the Museo Sorico Alfa Romeo
Alfasud Convertible - a vision


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