Alfasud <<Retro>> Ti

Alfasud <<Retro>> TiVolker Elsenhans is the owner of this 1983 Alfasud Ti 1.5. He bought it in 1992. He did not like the black plastic bumpers of the series III Alfasuds, so he changed the outer appearence so that it now slightly looks like a series one Alfasud ti. He mounted the chromed bumpers, door handles, mirrors and signets of a series I Alfasud ti. Additonally he mounted 7x13 Ronal A1 alloy wheels with 205/60/13 Falken tyres and installed an oilcooler. The original Ti wheelarch extensions remained at their place. The interior.The car is not lowered but has red Koni shock absorbers. The "bisicone" and the stripe along the sills, bearing the name "Alfa Romeo" on it were handmade by Volker. For an Alfasud, the interior of this car is sheer luxury. Volker modified the serial steering wheel. He chromed its spokes and made a wooden ring for it. The original front seats were exchanged against the ones of an Alfasud Sprint. He gave them a new upholstery with leather and black fabric, the rear seats were taken out of a four-door Alfasud are also covered with black leather and fabric. Volker is very content with his car, he

Alfasud <<Retro>> Ti Alfasud <<Retro>> Ti

even used it in winter till 1999 and never had problems with it. It even started at -15 °C without the use of the choke. It only "coughed" a bit on the first 20 metres.


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© Layout and text by Tim Rauen. Photos by Volker Elsenhans.