Didi's Alfasud Sprint <<Plus>> and Alfasuds

Didi and his growing collection.Didi Kristandl from Vienna has the choice to drive five different Boxer-Alfas and a Toyota (for the case that none of the Alfas wants to start). He also owns "about" eight motorcycles, but they are not the topic of this page...

Already at the age of a week, Didi was infected with the "Virus Alfa" because his father collected him from hospital with an Alfasud. At the time when this page was edited, Didi had three Alfasuds (from 1981-1982), a 1992 Alfa 33 Imola and a 1981 Alfasud Sprint <<Plus>>. He already restored two Alfasuds together with his brother, some other Alfasuds are still waiting for their second spring.

The Alfasud below had to wait in a farmer's barn till Didi bought it. It seems as if Didi cannot have any boring hours! There is always something to do. Another Alfasud out of Didi's collection.All his Alfas do not have to cope with communtig drives or short distances drives, he only uses them for special occasions. He has built a 200 m² garage / workshop for his cars.... Heaven on earth for Alfasuds in Vienna. Then he has this very rare Alfasud Sprint <<Plus>>. Only 2000 units were built. Most of them won't have survived. Didi could buy it for about 500 EUR from its first owner. It only has made 50.000 km.

As you can see, the <<Plus>> is still in a very good condition. Didi plans to restore it in the next time.

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Alfasud Sprint <<Plus>> Didi's Alfasud Sprint <<Plus>>.
The engine compartment. The cockpit.
Didi and his Sprint. Alfasud Sprint <<Plus>>
The <<Plus>> alloy wheels.

A friendly reminder to the driver so that he always knows how his car is called.

The special <<Plus>> stripes. A rear view of Didi's Alfasud Sprint.


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