Gerrit Kreuter's former Alfasud Ti 1.5 QV

Gerrit's Alfasud Ti QV.Gerrit Kreuter was the owner of this unusual Alfasud Ti QV. He used it as every day transport for a short period of time. On the photo on the right it looks like a usual Alfasud Ti 1.5 QV with a non-serial paint. But in fact it is a very special Ti. In its best days, this Ti was a real thread! The engine developped more than 130 bhp.

The only problem: when these photos were taken, there was no engine in the engine bay anymore. Gerrit wanted to blueprint it but did not manage to. Before Gerrit bought the car, it was an endurance racer. The yellow roll cage is still mounted in the car. Being sponsored by the German tyre shop "Point S", it was painted in their colours blue and green. The author already had the pleasure to Alfasud Ti QV - with full roll cage.enter the driver's seat in a narrow barn. Not that easy if you are 1.97 metres tall! The roll cage makes it even more difficult. But if you have once found the way into the driver seat, you do not want to leave the car anymore.

In Germany, all important modifications (roll cage, lowering spring kit, smaller steering wheel, different wheel / tyre combinations etc.) have to be aproved by the TÜV before you are allowed to drive the car on the road. All the modifications on this Alfasud were aproved. Nethertheless, there was no week where Gerit was not stopped by the police in order to check that. Unfortunately they never found something illegal...
Meanwhile the Ti has found a new owner. Let's hope that it will soon be back on track, chasing its competitors!

Alfasud Ti 1.5 QV The cockpit.
The empty engine bay. The empty engine bay.


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