Didi's 1982 Alfasud 1.3 

Alfasud 1.3Didi Kristandl from Vienna, the owner of several Alfasuds also has this Alfasud 1.3 which was built in 1982. His Alfasud Sprint <<Plus>> can already be seen on this page.

In 1997 this Alfasud was totally restored. Together with his father and his brother, Didi managed to make it look like a new car.

The car's life started in the service of a company called "Bendsdorp". From 1982 to 1996 they just made 30.000 km with it. A police officer from Vienna was the next owner. He possesed it for a year. After another 20.000 km and a lot of technical problems which costed him about 1000 EUR, he sold it to Didi's brother. Two days after the purchase, Didi's brother sold it to Didi for 1225 EUR. Having stood more than it was driven, Alfasud 1.3.the car had a lot of defects. E.g. the entire braking system had to be reworked. In 1999 the Alfasud was lowered with a B&G-spring kit which made it 35 mm lower. 185 tyres and alloy wheels were also mounted which improved handling and roadholding Nice alloy wheels.immediately.
Later on, Didi changed the wheels to the original steel type with Pirelli P2000 tyres on them. The B&G springs will quickly find its way into Didi's Alfasud Ti when the latter's repair works are finished. Didi only put the springs into the Alfasud 1.3 to test them. The interior of the car still looks brand new. The use as a company car could not damage it. The car is stated with only 69 bhp / 51 KW. A special version for the Austrian market?

The like-new cockpit. Attractive...


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