The Restauration of Didi's 1982 Alfasud 1.3

Didi's Alfasud 1.3 during the repair works.Fortunately Didi made some pictures during the rebuilding of his 1982 Alfasud 1.3. He told me that there was nearly no rust. Only two little holes on the floor and a little rust on the surface of the body had to be removed.

The actual problem of this Alfasud were the technical components. Most of the components could not cope with the long times in which this car stood without being driven. Especially the brakes had already seen better times. So, this time's task was to repair the suspension and brakes instead of the body.

The engine got a little maintanance. After only 50.000 km there was not much to do. So the cylinders, the rods and the crankshaft stayed unchanged. Only the fly The engine.wheel was improved. The cylinder heads were reworked, too. One of the greater problems was the Solex carburettor. During the repairs...But finally, Didi's father could solve this problem.
The complete brake system was reworked, too. So, with the help of his father, Didi installed a new master brake cylinder and changed all mains. He also tightened the brake pliers and installed new brake disks and a new brake pressure regulator (bias valve). The front and rear suspension was reworked and got a new paint .In addition, the clutch, the rear wheel bearings and all rubber parts were exchanged by new spares. 

For all the repairs, Didi let himself guide by the repair manuals by Bucheli and Haynes.

During the disassembling. The second marriage...


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