Alfasuds found in the family album
It seems as having the pleasure to be driven in an Alfasud in your youth is one of the most common causes for the "Virus Alfa(sud)". At least this is the reasons for the Sladek brother's interest in Alfasuds. Dad's Alfasud seemed to be extremly infectious. Meanwhile they have several Alfasuds and one Alfasud Sprint.

(Photo by Markus Sladek)

A still young Alfasud N...
Alfasud N Not the best quality. But on the other hand: where do you get such great photos made in the 70ies?

(Photo by Markus Sladek)

This is another Alfasud out of the Sladek collection. It is in a quite good condition for its age. It is a 1978 ti Markus could buy in 1994 for little money. The speedometre says it only ran 23.000 km.

(Photo by Markus Sladek)

A 1978 Alfasud ti.
A third series Alfasud in special trim. This Alfasud by Kai-Iven Pareidt was painted in a non-serial colour. Wouldn't that be the ideal style for the late 80ies, would it?

(Photo by Kai-Iven Pareidt)

These are two Alfasud Berline out of Rody Bal's collection. He is from the Netherlands and has such a lot of Alfasuds that he can even use a series III in winter! There was even a magazine called "La bella Sud" about the Alfasud which was sold in the Netherlands for some time.

(Photo by Rody Bal)

Two of Rody Bal's Alfasuds.
Alfasud Giardinetta Matthias could take a photo of this rare Giardinetta in the Netherlands. Many parts for the Giardinetta have become that rare that you do not find them anymore.

(Photo by Matthias Döring)

Andreas Schätzle, who is rebuilding an Alfasud Sprint 1.5 Veloce, sent this picture of an Alfasud special edtiion. It is a series I Berlina whose exact name we do not know.

(Photo by Andreas Schätzle)

Alfasud special edition.


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