John Russell's series II Alfasud ti 1.5

John's Alfasud ti 1.5.This is John Russell's Alfasud ti 1.5 series II. It was his first Alfa Romeo.

It is the 1490 cm³ single carburator model (Weber 31 DIR), and therefore it only produces 85 bhp. There were a limited number of series II Veloces produced for the UK with twin carburators and 95 bhp, but John has resisted dropping one of these engines in as he wants to keep it as original as possible. It is therefore completely standard (unlike John's former fast Alfasud Ti series III).

He bought the car five years ago, having had one elderly owner, who had made 38.000 miles in 16 years and had covered everything (seats, carpet,A new-looking Alfasud ti series II. steering wheel etc) with mats, so everything looked brand new. "Because of its low mileage, everything feels very taut, and it handles beautifully", John says. A couple of years ago the dreaded rust just started to show in a few places, and he got a bit carried away, dismantled it and gave it a bare metal respray. John had it resprayed in the original colour (Bruno Cilento) because, although it would not be everybody's choice, it's original, suits the car, and he has not seen another series II in the same colour. John's Alfasud ti 1.5.Series AlfasudII ti's are very rare in the UK, because they only made them for around 18 months, and they rusted even worse than the series Is. All the mud and salt from the UK roads just got caught underneath all the plastic trim and never got cleaned off. Also, most owners restore series Is, so they are rarely seen, even at shows.

John loves this series II ti and wants to keep it for as long as he can drive.


Last Update: May, 27th 2004      Created: March, 19th 2001

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