Marc's Alfasud Ti 1.5 QV

The Alfasud Ti 1.5 QV you can see on this page is propably the dream of every Alfasud enthusiast and collector. It was sold new in 1984 by Yorke Motors Alfa Romeo in Adelaide, Australia. Alfa Romeo Australia Alfasud Ti 1.5 QV
imported 250 units of the Alfasud Ti QV into Australia, and this was one of the very last which was sold. It was bought by an Italian immigrant an registered as UBF 006. In 1984, one had to pay $13,990 Australian Dollars Alfasud Ti 1.5 QV(plus  government and dealer costs) to get one. The Italian owned the car for 17 years. He maintained the car himself, documenting all the work he performed in a notebook, written in his native tongue - Italian.  This notebook remains with the car till today... The car was perfectly preserved under his ownership. It even had its original Pirelli P6 tyres. It was always garaged in the warm, dry Adelaide climate, no modifications were made, and it was driven with care - the tyres it wears today are the original ones fitted at the factory. It turned out UBF 006 would be his last car, and the car was put up for sale as part of his deceased estate in the year 2000. Till then the Alfasud had only run about 39.000 km.

Marc, its new owner lives in Sydney which is a 90 minutes flight away from Adelaide. When Marc got to know from this Alfasud he sent a friend who lives in Adelaide - also an Alfa fanatic - to look at the Alfasud for him.  It was the find of the century and Marc bought it at once. The car was shipped in a sealed container to Sydney, and was taken to Spencer Rice Engineering in Artarmon, a suburb in inner-Sydney. Spencer - an Englishman - is an Alfa Romeo specialist. Spencer was briefed to survey the entire car and to replace anything that needed replacing. But there was a challenge - Marc only wanted him to use genuine Alfa Romeo parts, Alfasud Ti 1.5 QVwhich are becoming more and more scarce. Spencer accepted, and two months and $ 4000 Australian Dollars later the car came back to Marc. The paint was cleaned, polished and waxed. New coats of wax are applied regularly. Silicon spray keeps the black exterior trim protected. The car is driven regularly, but sparingly. It is kept under a car cover in an underground garage and serviced every six months. Marc does not need the Alfasud as daily driver because he also owns a Sterling Grey Alfa 147 GTA.

After the car was made ready for use by Spencer, Marc searched for an insurance for the car. The insurance company wanted to value it because they didn't think it was worth what Marc said. The average Alfasud in Australia is worth between $500 and  $1500 Australian Dollars. When they valued it, they said UBF 006 was worth even more than Marc thought, and valued the car at more than its original purchase price in 1984 of $13,990 Australian Dollars.
Marc is aware that the original tyres should now be replaced, but they are part of the charm of the car. Instead,

The dashboard The interior

Marc wants to buy a second set of wheels, have them restored, and put some new tyres on them so he can keep the original ones for when he shows the car. Being a memberAlfasud Ti 1.5 QV of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club of Australia Marc showed the car during the annual Concours event in 2003, called the "Concorso  d'Eleganza" (remember the Villa d'Este in Cernobbio...).  He put it in the 'Show and Shine' category for Suds, Sprints and 33s. It won! That's the only time the car has been shown till 2005. It turned out people thought the car was so good that it should have been in the actual Concours, not just the Show and Shine. Marc will probably put it in that category when he will show the car again, probably in 2006.

Marc worked as the National Marketing Manager of Alfa Romeo a couple of years ago - "I'm really passionate about them and want more people to discover how good they are... ", Marc tells.
Alfasuds have become rare in Australia. Alfa Romeo has a small but strong following in Australia. Like in Germany they have a reputation for being a risky purchase -  unreliable and prone to rust. The brand pulled out of Australia in the early 90s, returning about 10 years later. They now sell about 2000 cars a year, selling the 147, 147 GTA, 156, (159 from mid 2006 on), GT and 166.


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