Gaudi's Alfasud L

Gaudi's Alfasud L.There are some Alfasuds left in Switzerland! This is Gaudi's 1976 Alfasud L. He bought it in 1999. The body was restored and painted by a professional and only had very few rust holes. The mechanics were modified by Gaudi himself. He never wanted to build an overtuned boy-racer out of his Alfasud but Gaudi wanted to do "a little improvement on the optical appearance". Besides the mirror, the lowered suspension and the alloy wheels, everything is in original condition. Gaudi had already ordered the B&G sport suspension before he had bought a matching car. The serial shock aborbers stayed in the car. Gaudi: "Dear tuning friends, please believe me, the Alfasud is even with the serial shock aborbers a very rigid car!" The camber inclination remained the same (-1,5°) altough the car has been lowered. The rest Gaudi's Alfasud L.stayed in original condition. The car stands on swissmade 6x14 wheels made by Bachtel with ET 28 mm und 185/60 tyres. This size is the largest width which fits under the serial wheelarches. By the way, the track is enlarged by 2%. Gaudi likes the wheels very much. The seats received new velour and skai fabrics (original Alfa products). They are very elegant and give good support Gaudi says. The speedometre and rev-counter were taken out of a 1978 Alfasud ti and the clutch of this Alfasud L came out of an Alfa 33. The mass of the fly wheel was reduced in order to let the engine rev more easily.

The gearbox was taken out of an early Alfasud ti. This type of gearbox has shorter ratios and allows to accelerate more quickly in all of the five speeds. The reduced top-speed is not that important in Switzerland where you can only drive 120 kph on motorways. A very important change at this Alfasud L is the ignition system of the series III which saves fuel, improves the power output and lets the engine run smoother. Alfasud LThe heads and the compression ratio stayed unchanged, a K&N air filter assures a better breathing of the Boxer. The most important change were the new camshafts made by Colombo & Bariani. This specialist from Milan, Italy offers three different versions of camshafts for the Alfasud. The one Gaudi uses is called "Stradale" (street) and has a stroke of 11,2 mm. It is the smoothest of the three. This camshaft fits to the engine without any other changes. Its main characteristics are the very good idling and the good pull from 500 up to 7500 rpm and more. The exaust system is the original one. Gaudi hat first used a Supersprint version which gave a few bhp more but made the car very loud. In additon to that it could not offer the typical crisp sound the Alfasuds usually have. The engine develops 80 % of its torque already at 2500 rpm. 146 Nm at 4500 rpm are the maximum. At 6400 rpm the engine develops 108 bhp (measured at the front wheels).


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© Layout and text by Tim Rauen. Photos by Gaudi.