Joesh Woenig's 1977 Alfasud ti

Josh Woenig from Australia is the owner of this 1.2 litre Alfasud ti produced in 1977 which is currently being restored. He bought it a few A 1977 Alfasud ti.years ago. In the moment the car has a 1.5 litre engine. The previous owner swapped this engine into the car. Fortunately Josh still has the original 1.2 litre Boxer in his garage. When he bought it, it came with a lot of additional spares. The car is equipped with a sunroof which let the roof rust around it - a typical DIY work. A proffesional welder will put in a new section of metal in the roof, Josh says. The engine that is in the car needed a little work, it had overheating problems. In the Adelaide hills where Josh lives 38° C are common. But the problem could quickly be fixed. The problem was the electric fan which was connected up backwards, so it was blowing air forwards, not sucking it in. As a result the engine decided to give up, one of the head gaskets went on it. Then the car has the common problem of no synchromesh on 2nd gear. But Josh will get the gearbox overhauled by someone who is specialised in Alfa Romeo. Josh also decided to recondition the engine. A respray of the whole body will also be done then. A new carpet in the interior will follow, too. Josh says that his Alfasud is in reasonable condition, there is no rust in the chassis and there are no signs of any crash-repair work on it at all. "No other car has got me around town in such a sporty manner... everyone looks at it when it goes by... it also has such a nice engine rumble to it... and no other car got me up those Adelaide hills on the way home  fast as my Alfa did", Josh reports.

Josh's Alfasud ti.


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