Vasilios Zaharitsefs' Sprint 1.5 QV

Vasilios' Sprint1.5 QV.This 1987 Sprint 1.5 QV is in the property of Vasilios Zaharitsef from Greece. He bought it in the year 2000 - a dream of his childhood came true. Sprint 1.5 QVEven after 130.000 km it still runs perfectly and every drive in it makes Vasilios smile. Mechanically, the Sprint is in an excellent condition - only the body has some little (rusty - what else) problems. Vasilios planed to restore the car in 2001. Due to the dry and warm climate Alfa Romeos which were sold in Greece have quite good chances to survive more than ten years. The mediterinarians do not know salt on their roads...

To make the Sprint stop faster, Vasilios gave the Sprint the brake system of the 33 16 V with vented front discs and solid ones at the rear axle. The suspension shall also be upgraded. Then Vasilios wants to install a 1.7 16 V engine of an Alfa 33. To improve the riding comfort, he mounted electric windows and an Alpine hifi system. But the stereo is only used when the engine can not give its full sound (e.g. in the city).

The Sprint has a very good life at Vasilios' - it is only used on special occasions and not for the daily horror of commuting. Therefor it is only driven on curvy roads e.g. in the Greece mountains. Mr. Zaharitsef found another Sprint made in 1988 with little kilometrage he  wants to buy either for spares or to restore it, too.
Sprint 1.5 QV Even Vasilios' little daughter seems to like the Sprint...


Last Update: May, 27th 2004      Created: August, 16th 2001

© Layout and text by Tim Rauen. Photos by Vasilios Zaharitsef.