Alfasuds found in the family albums II
<<Ti posso solo dire che questa macchina andava come una bomba!>> (I can only tell you that that car ran like a bomb!)
Olaf Mäser from Butzbach, Germany once owned this hot Alfasud Sprint 1.5 Veloce with 127 bhp. Two long radio-antennas and a "Goodbye GTI"-sticker were the only things which could be seen by GTI, GSI and co. To sit more comfortably, Olaf had installed the front seats of Sprint's great sister GTV. In 1992 the car went its last way to the scrapyard - as most Alfasuds and Sprints did. 

(Photo by Olaf Mäser)

Alfasud Sprint elaborata di Olaf Mäser.
Alfasud Sprint - preparata da Polizia. The1,5 litre Boxer-engine was equipped with two Weber twin-choke downdraft carburators. It was tuned in a Police garage in Bolzano, Italy... 
To get the power on the road, Olaf installed a Koni suspension. With a changed transmission ratio the Sprint made 215 kph. Original Alfasud magnesium wheels were on board, too (not on this photo).

(Photo by Olaf Mäser)

Another Alfasud Sprint. This red dream once belonged to Alirezas father.

(Photo by Alireza)

Alfasud Sprint
Alfasud L in Sicilly. They are still existing in Sicilly: old series one Alfasuds in every-day-use. No wonder, neither salt, deep temperatures or too much rain could destroy the body work. This Alfasud L was photographed by Felix Kuhn in San Vito lo Capo the 10th of September 2001.

(Photo by Felix Kuhn)

Maybe this particular Alfasud can live on without being replaced by a new sate-supported Fiat Bravo etc. Hopefully Italy will also remember its automobile past in some years?

(Photo by Felix Kuhn)

Alfasud L
Alfasud ti series I meets its great-grandson Alfa 147. A memorable shot. One of the first Alfasud ti meets an early Alfa 147. The Italian way to design a compact car anno 1973 and 2001. Many things have changed (rust, quality) but the important ones stayed the same (best handling of its class, elegance...).

(I got this photo from Peter Dyrelund)

This brown 1981 Alfasud Sprint 1.5 Veloce belonged to Rolf Schnider of Pratteln,  Switzerland. He could unfortunately only enjoy it for four years. In January 1985 a car crashed into the Sprint. The next car was again a 1.5 Veloce - this time a red one. Rolf still owns it.

(Photo by Rolf Schnider)

Alfasud Sprint and ti in a swiss winter.


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