Yossi's Sprint QV with 1.7 litre engine

Yossi's Sprint.This was Yossi Asaiag's Sprint QV. When he bought it, it was still a usual 1.5 QV.

In 1993/94 Yossi installed a used 1.7 QV engine (8V) (which had only made 20.000 km) he had ordered in Italy. The 1.7 litre Boxer then received some modifications. Yossi's mechanic gave it race camshafts, an msd ignition which doubles the electric currency to 35.000 V and niddle head platinum plugs. The hydraulic tappets were replaced by mechanic ones of a Sprint 1.7 QV. Instead of the 40 Weber carburators, they chosed big 44 Dell'Orto carburators. A modified air intake (K&N) and a sport exhaust compiled out of Ansa and Sebring parts were mounted, too. Later on Yossi replaced the K&N air filters against the serial system with a hose to the radiator grille.

Yossi never measured the power of its engine but he believes that it had more than 140 bhp. Up to 7700 rpm where possible. Then it whistled like a turbo. Yossi exchanged all the electric cables against new ones. This

Yossi's Sprint. Yossi's Sprint.
meant that the car had to be disassembled completely. He also chosed a new colour and opted for Rosso Ferrari. Yellow Konis and a lowering spring kit wereThe side of the fast Sprint 1.7. installed, too. A new, larger anti-roll bar made cornering a pleasure. Yossi forgot the name of the wheels. The dimension was 195/50 15".

The interior stayed nearly unchanged. The floor carpet was replaced by a red one and the the door panels were covered with leather. Power-windows were installed, too. The switches found their places below the other switches in the middle of the dashboard. A new leather steering wheel and a leather gearlever out of a Volkswagen Golf were added. Then Yossi bought an OMP bucket seat with red and black fabric. The rear bench remained untouched and only got a black seat-cover.

Well, Yossi had already planned to make it a 4x4 (with the parts of an Alfa 33) but The interior.then destiny hit him and his Sprint. His destiny was named Fiat Hercules and crashed into the Sprint at full speed because its driver had lost control. Crash!

Yossi survived - the Sprint didn't. This was the end of long love affair, lasting eight years. "May she rest in peace", he said. 57-012-87 will always remain in his memory. He already searches for a new one.

In Israel where Yossi lives, there are many <<Alfa-maniacs>>.
Maybe Yossi will find another Sprint in good condition so that he could build a second 57-012-87 out of it.

Nice wheels... Nice wheels...


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