Michael's ex Alfasud Super 1.2

Michael's AlfasudMichael's Alfasud is an Alfasud Super 1.2 which was transformed into a series I Alfasud by mounting the bumpers of an Alfasud L or Alfasud 5m.

That's nothing new, many Alfasud N or 1.2 whose equipment was rather poor were improved with other engines and five-speed gearboxes. So those cars sometimes have the 1.5 litre 105 bhp engine of a Sprint 1.5 QV or Alfasud Ti 1.5 QV...

Michael's car was imatriculated in 1979 in Italy and found its way to Germany in the early nineties. 

When Michael bought the car, the boot was filled with spares. If you have a closer look to the dashboard, you notice that it is not in its original condition. The centre console and the additional gauges come out of an Alfasud ti series II. The trim and seats are also not original.

Michael tried to find a fitting pair of seats on scrapyards in Italy. But unfortunately all the Alfasud series I or II he found were already "burried" underAlfasud Super 1.2 serveral other cars so that the roof was damaged and the seats were already broken.

Anyway the time where you could find Alfasuds in every second corner in Italy are over. The Italian government subsidized car owners who brought their old car to the scrapyard in order to get more "green" and catalysed cars on the roads.

The paint in blu posilipo makes Michael's Alfasud look elegant. The Ronal A1 alloy wheels give the car a sporty touch.

Meanwhile Micheal sold his in car.

Alfasud Super1.2 Alfasud Super1.2
Das Armaturenbrett mit ti-Instrumenten in der Mitte. Alfasud Super1.2


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