Kim Schumacher's 1989 Sprint 1.7 QV ie

Kim-Philip Schumacher is the proud owner of this Sprint 1.7 QV ie. He bought it in Switzerland. It is one of the last Sprints ever built. The first owner, Sprint 1.7 QV iea pensionier had hardly used the car. After some years, the pensionier sold the Sprint to a lady who used it more often and also in winter. Before Kim bought the car, it unfortunately had to cope with a hard and snowy Swiss winter. Not really a good sitiuation for a Sprint - so rust occured around the wheelarches and on the floorplan after some years...

The engine is equiped with a Bosch LE 3.1 Jetronic (electronic fuel injection) and delievers 105 bhp. It is the same engine as in the Alfa 33 1.7 ie (series 905). Shortly before Alfa Romeo stopped the production of the Sprint, they installed the 1.7 ie engine into the Sprint in order to be able to offer the car in Switzerland, Austria and some other countries where a three-way catalyst with lambda-probe had become obvious for new cars. Because of the catalyst, the Sprint 1.7 ie can not really compete with the118 bhp of the 1.7 litre carburettor engine which was also offered in the Sprint. A top speed of about 200 kph is possible with the 1.7 ie engine and the long transmission ratio gearbox. Acceleration times are not the fast as the ones of an older Sprint 1.5 QV with the short transmission ratio gearbox.Sprint 1.7 QV ie

Nethertheless, driving a Sprint 1.7 QV ie is the cleanest possibilty to drive an Alfasud. In some countries (e.g. Germany), a non catalysed car costs huge amounts of taxes - so the Sprint 1.7 ie is the cheapest possibility to drive an Alfasud there...

Kim already spent a lot of money to improve the Sprint: The gearbox was overhauled, and some parts of the exhaust were replaced. Then the alloy wheels had to be resprayed after the tire shop had damaged the paint while mounting the wheels... In 2003, the rear wheel arches and some parts of the floorplan had to be repaired.

The interior of the last Sprints in not that colourful as the one of the Sprint 1.5 QV. Alfa had replaced the green floor against a grey one and the black and green seats of the old 1.5 QV had been replaced by new seats with a fabric / skai mixture in grey. The same design was installed in the first Alfa 75 with V6-engine. Kim's driver's seat had already been heavily worn when he bought the car. Luckly he found a good passenger's seat upholstered with the same fabric and 2003 which then became the driver's seat in Kim's Sprint. An interesting feature of the
Sprint 1.7 QV ie Sprint 1.7 QV ie - the interior.

last Sprints are the 3-point automatic seat belts for the rear seats. A feature Alfa Romeo seamingly introduced in the last half year of the Sprint's production.

The engine compartment of the Sprint 1.7 ie.

On the first look, the Sprint 1.7 QV ie's engine compartment looks like the one of the Alfa 33. Only the air cleaner box and the tiny little washer pump on the left make the differrence.


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