Jordi's Sprint 1.7 QV

Jordi's Sprint 1.7 QVJordi Brunet from Barcelona in the sunny and warm Spain owns this Sprint 1.7 QV built in 1988. A very rare car in Spain. Profiting of the better corosion protecion of the late Alfa 33s, it is still in a good condition. Jordi bought the Sprint in 2001 for the amount of 1200 Euro. Meanwhile the car has made 83.000 km.

This 1.7 QV still has two 40er Dell'Orto twinchoke-downdraft carburettors which allow the engine to deliever 114 bhp. It is the same engine which was also sold in the Alfa 33 1.7 QV. This is the most powerful engine ever offered in an Alfasud. (There was also a 1.7 IE QV version with fuel injection and catalyst which Alfa Romeo sold in some countries). Jordi's Sprint is one the last ones - Alfa Romeo stopped the production in 1989. Nethertheless there are still some people who dream of a revival.... 40 Dell'Orto twinchoke-downdraft carburator.

The late Sprints were already equipped with some Alfa 33 components. So, Jordi's Sprint has rear brake drums instead of discs. Jordi and some other Spanish Alfa drivers who own older Alfas have founded a club for Alfa Romeo made between 1980 and 1990 which has its own homepage

Those cars are not the most loved cars in Spain. Cars as the Sprint or an Alfetta are on their way to become classics - as far as they all will not be scraped. (Maybe there is someone who owns a well-conserved early Alfa 33?)

Jordi has already bought a lot of spares out of another Sprint which was too rusty to live on. Now he has all the spares he needs to give his 1.7 QV a long live. Live on, Sprint!
Sprint 1.7 QV
Sprint 1.7 QV


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