Jan Sake Rondaan's 1978 Alfasud L

Alfasud L made in 1978.Jan Sake Rondaan from Beetgumermolen, the Netherlands owns this Alfasud L which was built in 1978. It was 

sold to the brother of the local Alfa Romeo dealer and remained in his hands till Jan could buy it in 1994. When Jan bought it, the car had only made 29.500 km. The first owner knew about the rust-problem had parked the car in a box and only used it on dry and sunny days.

Nethertheless some rust had to be removed at the front in 1994. After that was done, the front of the car was repainted. Till September 2000 the Alfasud waited in a box to be finally used again. In the autumn of the year 2000 Jan still had to remove some rust at the rear of the car. Since March 2001 the car is used occaisionally. It always worked without any problems. Now Jan was sure that his Alfasud would also make a long-distance-trip to where it came from - Jan planned to use it for a holiday in Italy. But some time before he wanted to start southwards a problem occured.
Alfasud L Alfasud L

The engine got too hot druring a short drive. Unfortunately the overheating caused damage to the engine. All four pistons had to be replaced byThe best place in a (LHD) Alfasud is the on left front!Alfasud L - the rear seats. new ones. Jan used the occasion and let the Alfasud give a anti-rust wax treatment.

One week before Jan wanted to start his holiday, the engine again overheated. The local Alfa Romeo workshop replaced the old radiatior against a new one. The old one was so corroded due to the seldom use of car at its the first owner that it couldn't manage to cool the engine adequadly anymore. 

Now there was nothing what could have stopped Jan from going to Italy. Via Austria he went to the Garda-lake andfurther south to Pisa in Tuscany. So he and his Alfasud L made more than 5300 km. There was only one problem: the window of the driver's door had decided to fall out of its opening system. So Jan had to open and close it with two hands...

Nethertheless Jan will keep his Alfasud. After only 37.000 kilometres this car still faces most of its live!


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© Layout by and text Tim Rauen. Photos Jan Sake Rondaan.