Sprint 1.7 - the little black devil

Sprint 1.7.Andreas Neutze has built this black Sprint. He has been in touch with Boxer-Alfa Romeos since he was a little boy because his father raced an Alfasud Ti in the 1980s. So Andreas also wanted to have a little racer for himself. When he saw his Sprint for the first time, he was sure that he wanted to have this car and no other. The Sprint was not too badly rusted and could be restored without too much problems. But at first the Sprint should be faster.

Andreas installed a 1.7 litre engine which once was installed in a 33 1.7 QV. It was upgraded with a cross-over manifold and a sport exhaust-system. The air intake was improved with K&N-airfilters. A test on the rolling-road-tester stated 142 bhp. So imagine how fast the Sprint runs... To assure that the carburettors always get enough fresh air, Andreas installed two air-intakes on the bonnet. The lightweight interior.The short gearbox remained unchanged. Of course, the suspension was improved, too. The Sprint became a spring-lowering-kit (5 cm) and yellow Koni shock absorbers. The original wheels were exchanged against RH Cup-wheels with 195 50/15 tyres. The front vented disc brakes of the Alfa 33 16V were installed to brake the Sprint more securely.

To lose some weight, the interior was stripped to the minimum. Many parts were exchanged against light aluminium components. After the Sprint had enough power to shock much stronger cars on small roads, Andreas decided to to start the battle against the rust in 2000. He exchanged the front inner wings and one A-pillar. The he conserved the rest with Dinol. Safety first...
In 2002 he decided to restore the rest of the Sprint's body. In addition to that Andreas installed the rear wheel-arch extensions of the Alfasud Corsa 7 and extended the front wheel-arches. He also installed Zender side skirts which were originally sold for the Alfa 33. The RH Cup-wheels were changed against classic Ronal 7 J 15 alloy wheels. (All this modifications can not be seen on the photos.)

The engine was tuned again. The heads were plained to the minimum to raise the compression ratio, the air intake was enlarged and polished. 308 degree camshafts and new valve springs with a higher tension (made of titan) now allow 8000 rpm without any problems. Andreas installed new pistons, tuned and balanced the crankshaft and lightened the rods. The engine now has about 160 bhp.
The engine compartment.

You can email Andreas: Azzameen1@aol.com.


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Layout by and text Tim Rauen. Photos by Andreas Neutze.