Discoveries on a journey to Italy

Alfasud JuniorA traffic sign showing the way to the Alfasud-plantYou think series I / II Alfasuds are history? They still exist! You only have to know where to search...
Alexander Wechselberger traveled to Sicily in 2002. On his way home to Austria he visited Naples and its surrounding. He also went to Pomigliano d'Arco. On the parking lot of the Pomigliano d'Arco Alfasud-plant he could count about a hundred Alfasuds. In the sourrounding of Naples and Rome he also Alfasud Superfound a few Alfasuds - as the photos prove. It seems that twenty years in the Italian traffic seemed not to have caused any harm to some cars.

On the other hand, Alexander could not find many Alfasuds on Sicily. Sad but true, but most of the cars he found, stood on a scrap yard. Alfasud Superwith series I bumpers.

On his way home he stopped in Northern Italy at the Garda lake. There he found two Alfasud Sprints in good condition. It was a silver Alfasud Sprint 1.5 Veloce trofeo, which was available at a nearby Alfa-dealer for 2000 EUR. The second Sprint looked brand new. It was a silver 1.3 Veloce which was made at the end of the seventies (maybe 1977 or 1978) he found on a scrap yard. He tried to buy the car. Unfortunately, the car had to be destroyed. As in many other countries, the Italian government subsidizes new cars by giving a certain amount of money for the old car the client owns. All this old cars then have to be destroyed.
Many thanks to Alexander Wechselberger who took those photos and sent them to me!
Alfasud L Alfasud L
Alfasud Super on a scrapyard. An Alfasud showing signs of use...


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