Miranda and Michael's Alfasud 1.5

Alfasud 1.5 from Holland.Miranda and Michael Goebel from Holland have bought this Alfasud 1.5 in 1990. It was their first Alfa Romeo. It was immatriculated for the first time the 26th of May 1981. Before they bought the car it was in the property of an aunt who had bought it from the mother of a friend before. After Miranda and Micheal had bought the car in 1990 they gave it a respray in the orginal colour bianco 015. Some spares were also Alfasud 1.5needed to make the car a good daily transport. The Ti-rearspoiler had already been mounted in 1981 when it was delivered to the first owner. In 1993 the Alfasud stopped because Miranda and Micheal couldn't afford the maintanance. But they never thought about selling the car! In 2002 they remembered their Alfasud and decided to use it again. After a the car had been overhauled, it has been in daily use since October 2002. 
Meanwhile, the Alfasud has got three Alfa-sisters. Besides an Alfa 156 Sportwagon and a Spider V6, the couple has also a GTV series 916. "But the Sud is still the number one and will never be sold!"Alfasud 1.5

The rearspoiler is not the only Ti-feature which found its way into this Alfasud 1.5. It also has a leather steering wheel which was originally installed into a 1.5 Ti QV, and an oil pressure gauge and water temperature gauge. In October 2002 the engine of an Alfasud Ti 1.5 with 95 bhp had been installed. The old radiator grille had been exchanged by a new one which originally belongs to a series II Alfasud Super. In its 21 years, the Alfasud has made 122.000 km the hands of its three owners. It runs perfectly since the brake system, the suspension and the exhaust had been overhauled. A new clutch was mounted, too. The only thing that is still missing are original wheels. The Goebels are still searching. If you can offer them the original steel wheels, please email to michael.goebel@12move.nl.
Michael and Miranda's Alfasud 1.5 Michael and Miranda's Alfasud 1.5


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© Layout by and text Tim Rauen. Photos by Miranda and Michael Goebel.