Alfasud Ti 1.7 16V

Markus who lives near Kassel in Germany drives this Alfasud Ti. It is in his property since 2003. The car was modified according to his taste - just like the Sprint, he once owned. The base for his hot Ti was an Alfasud Ti 1.5 QV made in 1984. The car was painted in blue (a RAL-code colour). The blue colour

Alfasud Ti 1.7 16V
regains in the interior and on the side windows which were tinted with "Blue Light Colour" film by Foliatec.

The pre-owner had already installed a 1.7 litre 8V engine with the cylinder heads of an 1.5 litre Boxer. Markus exchanged this engine against a 1.7 litre 16V engine which was taken out of an Alfa 33 Boxer 16V. In contrast to the majority of the Alfasuds with 16V engine, this Alfasud's engine is not fed by carburettors but by the serial fuel-injection system used in the 33 16V. In Markus eyes the serial power-output of 132 bhp was The engine compartment.not enough. With the methods of classical engine tuning, the power-output was raised to about 150 bhp (according to Markus). The cylinder heads were reworked by the the company Thomas Werner in Schöneberg near Hofgeismar which is specialised in G-compressor engines, turboengine-repairs and engine tuning. Modified camshafts were installed into the ported and planned cylinder heads. In addition, the airflowmetre and the fuel injection system were adapted to the new camshafts. The old air-filter was replaced by a universal K&N filter. Markus also installed a chip which raised the engine speed by 300 rpm. It was said that this should increase the power-output. Unfortunately it did not and so Markus quickly removed the chip. An electric fuel pump which is needed to feed the Boxer 16V's fuel injectors was installed in the engine compartment. The exhaust-system was modified, too. The manifold is the one of an Alfa 33 1.7 16V Permanent 4 and the rest is Markus' own creation. Thanks to all these modifications, the engine is said to deliver a torque of about 200 Nm. Before the upgraded engine was installed into the car, Markus resprayed the block, the heads and the air-intake. The old gearbox (which is still the one of a 1.5 litre 105 bhp Alfasud Ti) remained unchanged. Actually its final drive is much too short for the new powerful engine. Markus' Alfasud Ti reaches a top speed of about 200 kph - not that much. On the other hand, the short final ratio allows to accelerate very quickly.

Suspension and brakes
Markus' Alfasud Ti was lowered by about 50 mm. Modified Zender springs were used. The front suspension is the one of the Alfa 33 16V. The front discs are outboardly mounted. The front Mc-Pherson struts were replaced by yellow Konis and the rear shock absorbers were exchanged against red Koni shock absorbers. A front strut brace improves the stability of the body. To improve the traction of the car when accelerating
The Boxer 16V engine. Markus' Alfasud Ti 1.7 16V.

hard, Markus chosed polished RIAL 7x15 ET 20 alloy wheels with 195/45 tires. The original Alfasud master brake cylinder and the original brake-servo remained untouched. The only thing Markus modified was the arangement of the brake and clutch pedal. He pushed them a little more apart in order to make the car easier to drive with large shoes.

Besides the respray in blue, there are several other modifications. An AW-Delta roof spoiler was installed on the tailgate. Below the self-made radiator grille, Markus cut an opening into the front bumper. Behind that opening, an oil cooler was installed. The original rectangular side flasher lights were replaced by grey ones VW which were once installed in a VW Golf III. The old front lights were replaced by the French version (with yellow light) made by Carrello.
The interior
Markus exchanged the original front seats against a pair of VW Golf I sport seats which are covered with blue and black leather. The pre-owner had already exchanged the rubber gearlever cover against a hand-made one made of black leather. The floor carpet and the gearlever knob were taken out of a late Alfa 33. The cap in the centre of the small Raid sport steering wheel was once a gauge cover of a series I Alfasud ti series I. Additional gauges were installed in the centre console in front of the gearlever. They inform about oil-pressure, oil-temperature, recoolant-temperature and voltage.
In addition to all those gauges Markus installed a (contemporary) trip computer which gives information about the time, the momentary fuel consumption and reach, the momentary and average speed, and about the kilometres driven since the start. This trip computer was a present of one of Markus' colleagues who owned an Alfasud in 1976 in which this trip computer (made in 1974!) had already been installed. At that time a real highlight!


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