Stuart's Sprint 1.7 Veloce

Sprint 1.7

Stuart Ley from Scotland is the owner of this 1988 Sprint 1.7 Veloce. It is the two Sprint 1.7twin-choke downdraft carburettor version which is so much liked by many Alfasud and 33 drivers. Stuart had owned a black Sprint 1.7 Veloce before which had passed the point of an economic restauration. So he bought another one in order to make one good car out of two.

The second car he bought was painted in champagne metallic - a colour which was not Stuart's taste. Luckyly the champagne Sprint was not that rusty as his other one. The floorplan of the this Sprint showed no rust - a good start for his Sprint project. So the rear wheelarches and a front wing were the only body panels which had to be repaired or replaced. After all the bodywork was done, the car was resprayed in black - Stuarts favourite colour for the Sprint.

The serial seats of the Sprint series III are not the best for a sportive car. Because of that, Stuarts old Sprint had already been euipped with sports seats which were logically now installed into his new Sprint after the works on the body had been finished. A small Momo steering wheel and a Momo hand brake lever The interior.gear nob complete the modifications of the interior.

Stuart's ideas was to smarten up the car tastefully without making it look like a boy racer's car. So he bought a new set of Momo's GTR 17" alloy wheels and exchanged the old exhaust against a Supersprint one. The only thing he still wants to add is a performance manifold. Unfortunately it is very difficult to get one today.
The engine remained nearly unchanged. Only the Weber carburettors had to be exchanged against new ones because the old ones were impossible to tune properly. A power output of 119 bhp were measured on the dyno. This is one bhp more that Alfa Romeo stated which lets Stuart hope that his engine is a good one.


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