Alfasuds found in the family albums III

Miranda und Michael form the Netherlands are infected with the Alfasud virus. You can already read about their white Alfasud series III on this website. But one Alfasud was not enough and so they bought a 1984 Alfasud Ti 1.5 QV in 2004. They bought it in Italy without having seen more than some photos before.

Three times Alfasud

But they were lucky, their "black monster" only had two little rusty spots. The engine runs like hell, Miranda says. What more could you want when you already have a Ti and a four-door Alfasud? Right - a Giardinetta. Miranda and Micheal found one in the same year and bought it.

Sprint 1.5 from Australia

Sprint 1.5Patrick from Australia owns this Sprint 1.5. It is one of two Sprints with 105 bhp which were exported to Australia. Officially one could only buy a 95 bhp version because the 105 bhp version could not cope with the more severe Australian exhaust emission standards. The 14" light alloy wheels are not original but they were available as optional e.g. in the United Kingdom.

This Sprint was built in 1984 and still has inboardly mounted front disc brakes. Patrick has disassembled the Sprint when this page was edited in order to make a clubracer out of it..

Musical Sprint from Austria

SprintA view of the interiorPeter Kassmannhuber from Austria drives this Sprint for already more than ten years.
He has modified it according to his taste. He removed the black plastic side panels and mounted smaller mirrors. Then the car was lowered and runs on six-spoke alloy wheels. The entire car was painted in a special bright blue tone. The musical boot

Even the instruments are painted in body-colour. Peter also installed a small leather steering wheel. Special consoles which are mounted on the original door panels allow to install three large speakers on each door panel.
The boot was altered into a kind of music box. One power amplifier and two large woofers were installed. In addition, the once green floor carpet was replaced by a black one.

Alfasud Giardinetta in second ownership

Alfasud GiardinettaAnother Alfasud Giardinetta. This one is in the property of Michael Elias. Michael could buy this Giardinetta (built in 1980) in Ventimiglia in Italy from its first owner. In its first life, this Giardinetta series II (the one with the Alfasud Super bumpers) was painted in "marone" (brown) and was used as a service car of a garage.

After about 15 Alfasuds since 1994, (among five Giardinettas), three full restaurations (among two Giardinettas) Micheal has the full Alfasud knowledge...

After a respray in yellow Micheal modified the Giardinetta into a series I and repaired the "sins" of the preowner. E.g. there was a huge hole in the dashboard - presumably used for a car radio. Michael "filled" it up with the additional gauges of an Alfasud ti. The car was once ordered with a brown skai upholstery. Of course, the boot had suffered from the sun - all panels where full of cracks. Michael repaired the damaged areas with a special sole filler compound which is actually used to repair shoes.... One can buy this filler compound in every well assorted leather shop. After all the cracks were repaired, Michael painted all plastic panels with a special black colour spray for plastic. The brown rear seats were treated with black cushion colour which is available at motorcycle shops. Finally, the front seats were replaced against Recaro sport bucket seats.

Alfasud Serie IIIAlfasud 1.5 Serie IIIBrendan from Australia is in the property of this Alfasud 1.5. It is a four-door version with the small boot lid. Brendan is the third owner of the car. The preowner used the car for 16 years! Everytime, the preowner repaired something, he noted it down in a little book. You won't find a better history!

In Australia one can chose the letters of the number plate. Brendan chosed "82 SUD". It is not sure whether his Alfasud was built in 1982 or already in 1981. The chassis code is the one of a 1981 car, but the car was imatricluated in March 1982 for the first time. Presumably nothing special because Alfa Romeo often produced more cars than the dealers had ordered an parked them around the Alfasud factory. So maybe Brendan's car already stood there for half a year before it was delivered to its first owener...
Brendan's Alfasud was slightly modified with a sport exhaust a rear spoiler of the Alfasud Ti series III and a woode steering wheel.


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