Steve's Alfasud 5m

Steve Butler from London owns the silver Alfasud 5m you can see on the photos. The car was built in 1977 and had only rolled 28.000 miles when Steve bought it in 2002. Till June 2005 Steve has added another 4.000

Alfasud 5m

miles. There are only two previous owners (both of the same family).When the Alfasud first came out Steve was interested in it, but was not in the financial position to afford one new. Then the rust problems were coming to the surface (literally), so he decided against the Alfasud.

Alfasud 5mAbout three years ago he was talking to the mechanic who services his modern Volvo. The mechanic mentioned that he had an Alfasud for sale on his forecourt and that a chap from Iceland, of all places, was coming over to view the car. Suddenly Steve was re-awaked to the Alfasud. The mechanic had the car for sale at 699. Steve offered 600 and the mechanic accepted.
"The car was basically sound, but with rust in various places - not surprisingly for a 1977 car - of any make!", Steve tells. A full restoration was quickly planned and Steve was referred to a Mike Spenceley of MGS Coachworks in Purley, Surrey. He gave a run down on the places that he said will need attention. Discussions between Steve an Mr. Spenceley led to doing the renovation in various stages and leaving the car in primer at each stage. One of the things Steve decided was that he would replace any panels Alfasud 5mthat were rusty, rather than repair them. He managed to find all four doors, a boot lid, front wings, landing rails and a series three bonnet as new spare parts. A good start for the restoration. So MGS Coachworks rebuilt the rear wheel arches, the door sills, the sections of the inner wings, the front valance and fitted  the new front wings and landing rails. The boot / hinge area needed some repairs, too. Finally the new doors, the new boot lid, and the new bonnet were fitted to the body and the car went to the paintshop.

In order to avoid new rust, Steve glued the stainless steel trim back onto the door sills and the boot lid.

In 2004 Steve found another Alfasud whose interior was in a much better condition than the one of his silver 5m. So he swapped the door trims and carpets over to his 5m. Steve has also found a full set of steel wheels that have never been used. He plans to fit them soon. Alfasud 5mThere are already plans for 2006: Steve wants to paint the inner wings in silver and plans to underseal the floor plan. Then, the service compartment under the bonnet shall be repainted and the seats will be reupholstered.

Steve has kept the car as original as possible. In the Uk there are many series II and series III (mostly two-door variants). Series I Alfasuds with four doors have become very rare. In December 2004 Steve's work was rewarded with an article about his car in the British Classic and Sports Car magazine.



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