George's all-white Sprint 1.5 QV

George Efstratiou from Cyprus owns this 1985 Sprint 1.5 QV. The car has already run more than 200.000 km and has been restored in 2005. The 1.5 litre engine with 105 bhp and Dell'Orto carburettors has been

Sprint 1.5 QV

reconditioned in 2004 and runs perfectly. George has modified the exterior and interior of the car. He added the sill covers of a series 905 Alfa 33 1.7 QV and modified the rear spoiler ofThe interior of George's Sprint a series 905 Alfa 33 to make it fit to the tailgate of the Sprint. The original bumpers were replaced by a Zender rear bumper and a specially modified tuning-front skirt which was actually intended to fit a a non-Alfa car. George replaced the original Scudetto of the Sprint against one of the Alfa Giulietta. It is slightly longer than the original one and reaches the top of the new front skirt which got a special moulding for the Scudetto - just like the Alfa 155. All the plastic panels of the body which were black when the car left the factory were painted in white. Only the radiator grille was kept in black. The original side turning indicator lights were replaced against rectangular Volkswagen Golf II ones. You may notice that George's Sprint does not have door mirrors or front turning indicator lights. George is still searching for suitable ones...
The original 6 J 14" rims with 185 tyres were replaced against large 16" J 7,5" Mono Toors System rims with one central screw. There is a special kit which allows to mount the wheels on the original hub. In addition there are spacers on the rear wheels. Of course there ist a two-tube sport muffler.

The original seat upholstery was replaced bicolour by leather in black and beige. The original streering wheel has meanwhile been replaced against a Momo Concept 1 sport steering wheel. George also installed a modern sound system with a VDO Dayton CD-player and a 12 inch woofer.

Sprint 1.5 QV Sprint 1.5 QV

George's next plan is to replace the 1.5 litre engine against the Alfa 33's  1.7 litre 16V engine.

You can write to George if you click here.


Last Update: December, 22nd 2005      Created: December, 15th 2005

© Layout and text by Tim Rauen. Photos by George Efstratiou.