Memories of an Alfasud Ti 1.5 QV

Hans Peter who lives near the lake Bodensee in the South of Germany still remembers his first car, an Alfasud Ti: "My interest for Alfa Romeo started at the age of sixteenAlfasud Ti 1.5 QV because of my elder brother. He and his friends all drove Alfa Romeos in 1986. They had nearly every type from Alfasud to Sprint and GTV 6 2.5. One of their Alfasuds fascinated me. It was a Ti with Gleich-tuned 106 bhp engine - the one with the big 40 Weber carburettors. Since that time it was clear that I wanted to own such an Alfasud Ti at the age of eighteen. In 1988 I got 18 years old and I found one in our local newspaper, the "Süddeutsche Zeitung". It was a 1984 Alfasud Ti with 1.5 litre 105 bhp engine - one of the last Alfa built. Of course I instantly bought it without thinking too much about it. It costed 7.500 DM. I installed a lowering spring kit, 6Jx13 Melber alloy wheels and 185/60 tyres. After about six months the game was other - the engine died. One of the pistons loosened itself from the rod and damaged the cylinder. So there was no chance to repair this engine.

In one of the Alfa workshops nearby I met a mechanic who still had an Alfasud engine on stock. It was a bored 1.5 litre which had a capacity of about 1.6 litres. It had special pistons, polished cylinder heads, huge 44 carburettors, special camshafts and a really fat manifold. Alfasud Ti 1.5 QVI had to pay 1.800 DM for the engine complete with starter, alternator and so on. Mounting the engine into my car was a real adventure: 3 men managed to install it into my car without having a crane or lift and without a garage or a workshop. We were all mechanics and we managed to do it quite effortless. The new engine ran without problems and made a really brutal sound. The engineBut it would not want the car to run faster than 160 kph. To have the car back on the road as fast as possible we had adapted the huge manifold to the standard exhaust system of my Alfasud. So the engine could not breathe freely anymore. So I had to buy a better exhaust system. I opted for a sport exhaust system made by Sebring. It had a rear muffler with twin-pipes. Now the engine reved up 8000 rpm easily and the speedometer showed a top-speed of 220 kph. I never measured the power output of this engine but I expected it to be near 140 bhp. I did not have the slightest problem to challenge a Golf II GTI 16V which was stated with 139 bhp. In 1991 I sold my Alfasud Ti for 8.000 DM. Today I would be happy if had not sold it. Here in my region, Alfasuds are long gone. You do not see them on our roads anymore."


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