Laurent's Alfasud Ti 1.5

The journalist Laurent Missbauer who lives in the French-speaking part of Switzerland is the owner of the red Alfasud Ti 1.5 you can see on the page. In 1982 his first car was an Alfasud.

Alfasud Ti 1.5

Laurent owned it from September 1982 till 1990. He used it as daily transport to work and in his free time he had fun racing it on tracks, in rallies and on hill climbs as a group N racer. In the year 1990 it was time to say goodbye because the MFK (the Swiss equivalent to the MOT) had decided that his Alfasud was too rusty to be a safe car.

Alfasud Ti 1.5

Alfa-Ausfahrt auf den Nuffenen-Pass

So Laurent had to buy a new car and ordered a Suzuki Swift GTI, he also used as a group A race car. He even participated in the famous Rallye Monte Carlo (in 1993 and 1994). Alfasud Ti 1.5Of course the Swift was also his daily transport to work.

The Rallye Monte Carlo had animated Laurent to buy an Alfasud in 1982 because in this year, the Alfasud Ti had won the group N of teh Rallye Monte Carlo.

Meanwhile Laurent had changed his profession and now worked in the tourism industry. So he came arround and saw many places in the world. He used this opportunity to take photos of Alfasuds he saw on his journeys. Till now he sometimes writes for classic car magazines. His passion for the Alfasud never really ended.

In the Summer of 2005 he found the red Alfasud Ti with tailgate you can see on this page. A female doctor from Zürich was the first and only owner of the car. The car had run only 50.000 km. Of course, Laurent took the chance and bought the Alfasud. His Alfasud Ti gives him a lot of pleasure. He enjoys it to join trips organized by the Régistre Alfa Romeo de Suisse with his Alfasud.


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