Fabio's Alfasud 1.2 SC 5-porte

Alfasud 1.2 SC

Another well preserved series III Alfasud. This one is in the property of Fabio Rombolą from Italy. Fabio has been infected with the "Virus Alfasud"Alfasud 1.2 SC in 1979 when he was two years old. His parents decided to change their Fiat 128 against a car which should be more convenient for a young family. They bought an Alfasud Super made in 1978 and painted in Rosso Alfa. Fabio loved to be driven with this Alfasud. He even slept in it on longer journeys. In 1989 his father decided to change the Alfasud Super against a Marone Testa Di Moro (brown) Alfasud series III made in 1980 which then joined the family for another four years. Fabio never forgot the two Alfasuds. He wanted to have one when he would be old enough to afford and drive one, he tells.
The leather / alcantara seatsThis opportunity
came in 2009, when he found this Grigio Nisida Metallic 1.2 SC made in 1983 while he was surfing through the internet. The photos on the internet did not give the impression of very well maintained car. In order not to buy a wreck, Fabio went to Foligno in Umbria to have a closer look at the car - which was a good decision because the car was really well maintained and only needed few work to be really good. It had only covered 85.000 km and was actually in a quite good condition. Mechanically there were no problems. The timing belts, brakes and tires had even recently been replaced. After the previous owner had died, the owner's son decided to try to sell the car instead of demolishing it. The body did not show one spot of rust but there were some dents and the paint needed a polish. The price was fair and so Fabio bought it.
The dashboard and the fine seatsAfter having taken the Alfasud to his home, Fabio started working on it. He quickly repaired the dents and polished the the entire body. Then he replaced the original rear seats against the leather / alcantara trimmed one of a 33 Imola he found on a nearby scrapyard and had equally designed trim made for the front seats.
After that he installed a right mirror and the rear spoiler of a series III Alfasud Ti, replaced the steering wheel against that of a Ti and added the little gauges in the the centre console he also took out of a Ti.

Fabio does not use his Alfasud as daily driver. He lives in Torino where cars without catalyst can no longer be used. So the Alfasud is his weekend car for touring around. Fabio enjoys driving his Alfasud. "The road holding and the maximum speed have nothing to envy to the most modern machines, and the noise of his Boxer brings me back to when I was a kid", he tells.  


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