Paul's Alfasud Ti 1.5 QV

Alfasud Ti 1.5 QV

Paul Even from Luxemburg is the first owner of this well preserved Alfasud Ti QV. He tells its story: "The Alfasud was bought new in 1983 in Luxemburg from Garage Vigliotti were it was also serviced during the next years. In contrast to its predecessor, a two-door series I, the Alfasud Ti 1.5 QVQuadrifoglio Verde proved to be a reliable and easy to maintain daily driver with very good road performance. I drove the car until 1989 and experienced 90.000 km without major problems (e.g. rust). But after six years I then wanted something new and decided to buy a new car from a different marque. The salesman wasn't too amused about a possible trade-in of the Alfasud. If at all only for a very low price. I noticed that with one crying (financing of the new car) and one laughing eye (actually I didn't want to seperate from my QV). I bought the new car and followed my heart and kept the Alfasud in my property since I had the possibility to store it in my mother's garage where it then could remain dry and clean for the next 26 years. In 2015 I had to clear the garage and so I had to finally realize my long dreamed plan to restore the Alfasud. After Alfasud Ti 1.5 QVseveral rejections I got in contact with Köppen Karosseriebau in Bitburg (Germany) and decided to have the car transported to their workshop with the help of  the Automobil Club of Luxembourg ACL. I already learned that the QV is a very special model at the moment when in which the Alfasud was loaded on the ACL's tow truck when the driver of a coincidentally passing by car wanted to buy my car at once. Reiner and Alexander Köppen where very surprised about the good condition of my Alfasud - a car from which they never had heard anything before although they know the market for classic Alfas in Luxemburg very well. The 26-year long period in which the Alfasud stood in the garage had faded the Alfasud from prominence. The dry climate in the garage had conserved the body and floor plan very well. The Köppen's only replaced seals and rubber parts, the front brake calipers, brake pipes, brake pads, coolant pump, fuel lines, tank and the clutch slave cylinder. In addition the car got a complete cavitiy protection with wax and the exterior and interior were conditioned.
I only drive the car in summer and enjoy the sound of the Boxer engine and the cart-like driving properties of the Alfasud -  which are at its best on the small and curvy roads of the Luxemburg Ardennes or in the German Eifel. The Alfasud Ti Quadrifoglio Verde is still today my reliable companion for sunny days. It has meanwhile developped into an extremely rare and desireable classic car."


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