Alfasud Sprint Veloce

Alfasud SprintThis 1980 Alfasud Sprint Veloce is in the property of Eric Fradet. He sold his 33 16 V in order to drive this red Sprint. Must have been love...Alfasud Sprint

The car has already made 250.000 km. There is a little rust at the rear left side, Eric says. The original interior trim was exchanged against the black one of a younger Sprint 1.5 QV.

To make the Sprint a little faster, Eric exchanged the 95 bhp engine against an overhauled 105 bhp one which had "only" made 90.000 km.

In addition, Eric mounted smaller door-mirrors and 6J 14 Ronal A1 alloy wheels.


Last Update: May, 27th 2004      Created: November, 12th 2000

© Layout and text by Tim Rauen. Photos by Eric Fradet.