Alfasud Valentino

Alfasud ValentinoThe Alfasud Valentino was a special edtion which was presented in 1980. It was aimed at the feminine market. The Italian couture designer Valentino Garavani gave his name for this elegant Alfasud. Every buyer of the Valentino got a specially designed handbag and a document case designed "by Valentino" which matched to the cars style. A paint in metallic bronze, side-stripes and a black vinyl-covered roof changed the appearance of the serial Alfasud body so that it looked flatter. The steel-rims were painted in gold metallic.

Driver and passengers sat on black velour-covered seats with red piping. The driver steered with a wooden steering wheel.First, Alfa Romeo built a 1.2 litre version with a five-speed gearbox which was exclusively sold on the Italian market. A 1.3 and a 1.5 litre version followed (1982). Alfasud Valentino.Those two, more powerful, Valentinos were also meant to be exported into other countries as Germany. The 1.5 litre developped 86 hp.

3989 units of the Valentino left the workshops at Pomigliano d' Arco. 2199 1.2 litres, were built (all for the Italian market). 898 units with the 1351 cm³ engine and 872 cars with the more powerful 1.5 litre were made.

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Alfasud Valentino - The cockpit with its wooden steering wheel. Alfasud Valentino


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