My Visions

The Alfasud for the NinetiesAlfasud - a new interpretation for the Nineties

This is my idea how an Alfasud for the 1990s could have looked.

In this drawing I only changed the design of the bumpers, mirrors and sill-covers and added a small rear spoiler.


Alfasud Sport Wagon - a sportive five-door estateAlfasud Sport Wagon

I also designed a Sport Wagon. I think this car would have become a bestseller. It looks as nice as the Berlina.

Five doors would have made it the ideal car for families. My Sport Wagon would be 4058 mm long


Alfasud Sport Wagon with the new look of the facelifted BerlinaAlfasud Sport Wagon Facelift

This is the facelifted version of my Alfasud Sport Wagon. An Alfasud five-door estate car could not have shared as much parts with its saloon sibling as the 33 Giardinetta did with the 33 saloon. My Sport Wagon even would have needed different rear doors. Nethertheless a real five door Alfasud estate would shurely have been more successful than the three-door Alfasud Giardinetta, Alfa Romeo built.


Last Update: March, 21st 2004       Created: March 2000

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