Boxerdag in Grindsted (DK) 08.06.2013  

Boxerdag in Grindsted

For the 8th of June, the Danish Alfaklub DK had invited to a Boxerdag (Boxer-day) to Grindsted near Billund. The participants met in an informal atmosphere in front of the houses of two club members in an industrial estate.

The copper metallic Alfasud GCL might have been broken for spares and the few remaining rests which were not rusted might have been thrown to the scrap elsewere. A Danish enthusiast saved the car from this destiny and needed all his welding skills to get the Alfasud back on the road. THe prices for used cars are much higher in Denmark than in the rest of Europe: the high VAT on cars make used cars and esspecially classic Alfas more expensive than in other countries. So even really badly rusted cars are repaired and restored.
One of three in Demark still existing 33 1.5 Quadrifoglio Verdes and two of the three still existing 145 Boxer 16V joined the meeting. Then a pair of black series III Sprints with full Zender trim where there. A 33 Q4 and a restored 33 S 16V represented the series 907.

Alfasud 1.5 QO

Sprint 1.5 QV

Alfa 33 1.5 QV

Alfa 33 1.7 Boxer 16V

Sprint 1.7 QV Sprint 1.7 QV
Alfa 145 1.7 16V

Alfa 33 Q4


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