New front disc brakes for older Alfasuds
From July 1982 on, the Alfasud was sold with a new type of disc brakes, which were fitted together with the drive shafts instead of on the flange on the
The discs were introduced to eliminate vibrations when braking, which
was a common problem with the old type of disc.
The spacer.
fig. 1
After the change.
fig. 2
The new discs have the part number 125.258, and the obvious difference when
looking at them is, that they are massive and have 6 holes for fixing,
where the old type has a big hole in the middle and 4 holes for fixing.

The new type can also be fitted to the earlier Alfasuds.

1186 cm³ and 1286 cm³ / 1350cm³ versions
On these vehicles, there is a spacer inside the joint
cover (see fig.1). This must be removed and both disc brake and
cover, part number 705.506, fitted in its place (see fig. 2).
The situation at the 1.5 litre versions before the change.
fig. 3
The situation at the 1.5 litre versions after the change.
fig. 4
1490 cm³ versions

On this type of vehicle (see fig. 3) the 22 mm external spacer
must be eliminated and the disc of the abovementioned type fitted plus a
10 mm spacer, part number 125.258 (see fig. 4).

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