Interesting Literature About The Alfasud

The choice of still available books is very, very small. Until now the only English language standard work on the Alfasud (The Alfasud by David Owen) was published in the 1980s. Of course many books which treat Alfa Romeo in general offer information and photos about the Alfasud. Consult your local book shop or online dealer for a list of temporarily available books.

Alfasud, una storia italiana
Author Giuseppe Pesce
Title Alfasud, una storia italiana
La fabbrica di Pomigliano d'Arco dal fascismo alla globalizzazione
ISBN 978-88-230-1823-5

Alfasud ("Alfa South") is not only the name of the car we all love but also the name of the plant in which it was produced. Giuseppe Pesce describes the history of the once most modern European car plant in Pomigliano d'Arco. He starts with the very beginnings - its predecessor, an aircraft plant in Mussolini's fascistic Italy end ends with the last car which is still in production there (the Fiat Panda series 312).
The cars which have been produced in Pomigliano only play a minor role in this book. This paperback which was launched in 2014 by Ediesse publishers (in Italian language) is a description of the plant and its politic and social environment from the late 60s until today. The changing owners of Alfa Romeo (IRI, Fiat) have caused many radical changes in Alfa Romeo's last still productive plant.

The 149 pages strong book does not offer a single photo and can only be recommended to readers with an advanced knowledge of the Italian language.

The Essential Buyer's Guide Alfasud
Author Colin Metcalfe
Title The Essential Buyer's Guide Alfa Romeo Alfasud
ISBN 978-1-845840-07-5

Veloce Publishing Ltd launched a new book about the Alfasud in 2017. It is a compact buyer's guide which belongs to their "The Essential Buyer's Guide" series. The 64 pages thick work gives the reader a well arranged view over the Alfasud theme. It includes a compact model history, a survey over the main problems of an Alfasud one should know when attempting to buy one, spare parts, clubs and general information about what it means to own an run a classic car.

The professional Alfasud owner and mechanic will browse through this book quickly and will afterwards search for a place in the shelf besides the other publications he already owns. But the book is a good investment for beginners who think about buying an Alfasud. It gives a general impression of what it means to find and and own a good Alfasud.

English language paperback with many informative photos.

Le vetture che hanno fatto la storia - Alfa Romeo Alfasud
Author Giancarlo Catarsi
Title Le vetture che hanno fatto la storia - Alfa Romeo Alfasud
ISBN 978-88-7911-492-9

The only available work about the Alfasud is the Italian language "Le vetture che hanno fatto la storia" ("Cars that made history") published in 2011 by the Italian publisher Giorgio Nada Editiore. Until 2016 there is no English translation. On 128 pages the author 128 informs about the developement history, the details of the many Alfasud and Sprint versions and about their use on rallye and race tracks. There is also a short restauration diary of an English Alfasud Ti QV. The book sometimes gives the impression that it had to be written in a hurry. As a compensation the book offers many interesting photos.


The Alfasud von David Owen


Author David Owen

The Alfasud

ISBN 0947981 00 4

"The Alfasud" by David Owen is surely one of the best books about the Alfasud. It was first published in 1985. It describes the development of the car, the different versions made, racing Alfasuds and Sprints and has a buyer's guide. Production figures are also included in this 128-pages hardcover book. Many black-and-white press release photos by Alfa Romeo Italy and Great-Britain show the details of the different versions. Being written in the early 80s, the book does not feature the late series III Sprints (although a Sprint 1.5 GCL is displayed on the cover of the book).
This "Collector's Guide" published by the Motor Racing Publications Ltd is already sold out since the beginning of the 1990s.


Alfa Romeo Spider, Alfasud & Alfetta GT

Author David G. Styles
Title Alfa Romeo Spider, Alfasud & Alfetta GT The Complete Story
ISBN 1 85223 636 1

"Alfa Romeo Spider, Alfasud & Alfetta GT The Complete Story" by David G-Styles is about the glorious story of Alfa Romeo and treats the Spider (series 105 / 115), the Alfetta and all Boxer-engined Alfas (except 145 / 146). You'll even find some information about the ARNA.

Many unknown black and white and colour press release photos made by Alfa Romeo GB and Alfa Romeo Italy make it a very interesting book for the photo enthusiast. A buyer's guide is also included in the book. Specification tables, technical data and performances meassured in road tests of famous British car magazines are added to the text. This hardcover book belongs to the "Crowood Autoclassics" series and has 192 pages. It was first published in 1992 by "The Crowood Press Ltd. and can not be ordered anymore.

Alfa Romeo Alfasud 1972 - 1984
Author compiled by R. M. Clarke
Title Alfa Romeo Alfasud 1972 - 1984 Brooklands Road Test Book
ISBN 1 870642 074

The Brooklands Road Test Books in DIN A4 size (Paperback) are collections of English-speaking auto test reprints of one car or series. A look into the list included in the book reveals tha there are five other Road Test books on Alfa Romeo (Spider, Giulia Berlinas, Giulia Berlinettas, Alfetta GT / GTV and Giulia Coupés).

For the price of 9,95 £ one gets a 100 pages paperback book full of road tests, driving impressions, comparative tests and reports about the Alfasud and Alfasud Sprint / Sprint which were all copied out of British, Australian or Asian car magazines. Tests of exotic verions of the Alfasud (e.g. a turbocharged Alfasud 1.5 by Bell & Collvill Ltd. with 110 bhp and a turbocharged Alfasud Sprint 1.5 Veloce) make the book very interesting. "Alfa Romeo Alfasud 1972 - 1984" by Brooklands Book Distribution Ltd. is no longer available.


Alfasud And Alfasud Sprint - Transport Source Books
Author compiled by Trevor Alder
Title Transport Source Books Alfa Romeo Alfasud and Sprint
The inside story of your car from leading UK motoring journals
ISBN (none) article number TSB 228

This paperback book resembles the Brooklands-book. It is extended by contemporary advertisments by Alfa Romeo GB information on the Sprint 1.7.

The Transport Source Books series includes more than 400 titles about an uncountable number of car brands and versions. The quality of the used paper and the print is not very good.

Compared with German car tests, it is very interesting to read how much the Alfasud was appreciated by British car testers!

The book is still availalbe for about 10 £ at many book shops specialised on car literature.


Quattroruote Collection - Alfa Romeo Alfasud
Author -
Title Quattroruote Collection "Le auto pił amate degli Italiani" Alfa Romeo Alfasud


This 48-pages work is no book in the classic sense of the meaning. Fabbri Editori had offered a collector's edition in 2008 and 2009 in Italy which offered  a 1/24 minature and a hardcover booklet together with every new edition of the Italian car magazine Quattroruote.
This collection was launched under the name  "Le auto pił amate degli Italiani" ("The most loved cars of the Italians"). After a long period of oblivion the Alfasud now seems to belong to this range of cars.
The book starts on its first pages with a review on the events which moved Italy and the world in 1972.
Besides many press release photos and photos taken from contemporary Quattroruote magazines the book also features a very comprehensive road test of the first Alfasud published in the October 1972 edition of Quattroruote car magazine.
The number of previously unkown photos alone makes this booklet very interesting for collectors of Alfasud literature.

I Dossier di Ruoteclassiche - Alfa Romeo
Author various authors
Title I Dossier di Ruoteclassiche - Alfa Romeo
ISBN none

As the Alfasud book shown above this paperback special edition of the Italian Ruoteclassiche car magazine is very interesting work for Alfasud fans. Ruoteclassiche is the classic car branch of Quattroruote. This special edition compiles all Ruoteclassiche main articles about classic Alfa Romeos of the last years on 242 pages.
It was available together with the standard November 2013 edition in Italian bookstalls. Routeclassiche articles are very comprehensive - not compareable to German or British articles. They usually dedicate about 20 pages of their magazine for one main article.

Of course the Alfasud (but not the Sprint) is a part of this special edition. The authors tell the story of the Alfasud on 26 pages - very detailed and with many photos. Besides the genesis of the project they also inform about the differences of the three different series of Alfasud and Alfasud ti. The Trofeo Alfasud is also present. In addition this magazine also contains an article about the Arna on its last pages.

 Workshop Manuals

In contrast to the books described above, workshop manuals are still available. Alfa Romeo has published a lot of information for their own workshops and dealers one often can find on fairs or at car-book-shops. But they shall not be the topic on this page.

Jetzt helfe ich mir selbst - Alfasud
Author Dieter Korp unter Mitarbeit von Anton Brunner
Title Jetzt helfe ich mir selbst - Alfasud alle Modelle


This volume (Nr. 69) of the well-known German series "Jetzt helfe ich mit selbst" (meaning "Now I'll help myself") published in the Motorbuch Verlag is a good match for less experienced and novice Alfasud owners who want to do simple repairs without the help of a professional car mechanic.

The manual gives advice about the maintanance and easy-to-do repairs (how to exchange a headlight bulb or how to change the engine oil) and informs about the basic technical data of the Alfasud. The author also tells about the tools one needs to do the work and gives hints how to tow a car or how to wash a car properly. Being published at the end of the 70s, younger versions of the Alfasud are not included in the manual. Repairs which should only be done by skilled professionals are not described. So if you want to know how to get your engine out of the car, you're at the wrong address here. At the end of the 230 pages thick hardcover book there is a well-done little model-history which ends with the year 1979. Unfortunately you will not get the manual at your book-shop anymore. The only way to get it is to search at ebay or on car-fairs etc.

Bucheli Reparauranleitung Alfasud
Author Bucheli Verlag, Zug in der Schweiz (Hrsg.)
Title Reparaturanleitung Alfasud, ti und Sprint (Nr. 275)
ISBN 2-7168-1342-7 bzw. 978-3-7168-14567 (POD-Version 2015)

The Bucheli manuals are recommendation for DIY car owner and for professional workshops. The book gives detailed information about repairs of the engine / drive train, suspension, fuel supply and electrics. Threre are even some circuit diagrams. The last pages of the 108 page work display all necessary technical data for e.g an engine overhaul. The book was sold out for many years but it has been relaunched in 2015 as print-on-demand book by the German Motorbuch-Verlag. It is e.g. available at Shop. Price: 39,90 EUR.

Volume 275 does only deal with the single carburettor engines.

Bucheli Reparaturanleitung Alfasud 1982-1984
Author Bucheli Verlag, Zug in der Schweiz (Hrsg.)
Title Reparaturanleitung Alfasud 1982-1984  (Nr. 873/874)

3-7168-1721-X bzw. 978-3-7168-1721-6 (POD-Version 2015)

The Swiss Bucheli manuals (written in German) can be recommended for professionals (many workshops get the requested information out of the blue books) and hobby mechanics. Engine, transmission, suspension, fuel system and electrics are described in detail. At th end of 108 respectively 151 pages thick books one finds all important data which are needed for a full engine overhaul. Both books are unavailable. New copies can sometimes be found on ebay.

This volume is available again since August 2015 as print-on-demand book published by the Motorbuch-Verlag.
For example here.

Volume 873/874 continues there were volume 275 ends: with the twin carburettor engines of Alfasud Sprint Veloce and the Alfasud saloon / Ti series III.



Author J H Haynes and Tim Parker
Title Alfasud / Sprint Owners Workshop Manual
ISBN 1 85010 445 X

The Haynes Oweners Workshop Manual (of course written in English) is the only manual still available today. Haynes call themselves the leading car manual and maintanace guide publisher. Together with the 211 pages manual one gets a dictionary which translates all the technical terms used in the manual into your mother language. So your are able to use the manual with a knowledge of minimum of English.

The manual is based on the complete stripdown (and rebuild) of an early series I four-door Alfasud. During the stripdown, the authors took photos of every important step. The texts below the photos make it easy to understand. In addition there are cut-away drawings etc. to give a survey about all the parts of e.g. the rear axle. This is a real progress compared with the Bucheli manuals! At the end of the second edition of the manual (published in 1991) there is additional information on the late Alfasud Tis and on the Sprint Series III (even the ones with the Alfa 33 floorplan). The only thing missing is a description of the 1.7 litre engines of the Sprint 1.7 QV and 1.7 IE QV. If you now want to order the manual, consider that it will cost between 30 and 40 EUR (depending on the Pound exchange rate and on the shop were you buy it).

Author Etai-publishers
Title Revue Technique Automobile Alfa Romeo "Alfasud" Tous Types
ISBN 978-2726834657

French Alfasud owners also trie to repair their Alfas themselves. This volume was published at Etai. It was last issued in 1991 and is no longer available meanwhile. The book consists of several articles taken from the "Revue Technique Automobile" and describes the normal use of an Alfasud (compareable to an owner's manual) and how to repair the main components of Alfa's first front-wheel drive car. 105 pages, French language.


Alfasud Trofeo 81
Author Servizio Attività Sportive Alfa Romeo
Title Trofeo Europa 81 Alfasud Alitalia


This paperback book in DIN A 5 size was published by Alfa Romeo on the occasion of the 1981 race season. 

On 132 pages it contains a small introduction, photos of each race car, a photo of each pilot, the rules, the prizes and a calendar.
Then, the book lists all the parts which were included in the Autodelta-kit (which was used to make a race car of a civilian Alfasud ti). Many Alfasud pilots of those days have become famous today: in 1981 Gerhard Berger and Karl Wendlinger Jr. raced their Alfasud tis on Europe's racetracks. "
Trofeo Europa 81 Alfasud Alitalia" is indeed a very rare book. So buy it when you should find it!


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