The 106 bhp Alfasud ti 1.5 special edition

The 106 bhp special edition ti.When Alfisti read "106 bhp" many think that this must be a mistake. Most people only know the Alfa-made 105 bhp version of the 1.5 litre Boxer engine which was used in the Ti 1.5 QV. But nethertheless there was a 106 bhp version. The Alfasud ti 1.5 106 PS Sondermodell was a special edition which was exclusively produced for the German market in 1979. After many potential buyers opted for a Volkswagen Golf GTI (offering 110 bhp) because they believed the 83 bhp of the ti 1.5 to be too few, Dieter Gleich was asked by Alfa Romeo Germany to power-tune the usual 1979 Alfasud ti 1.5. Dieter Gleich is and was a well known Alfa-tuner in Germany who started his own business in Mönchengladbach / Reydt in 1969. So Gleich gave the boxer the classical tuning treatment: larger air inlets, special camshafts and a new pair of Weber IDF 40 twin-choke downdraft carburators were enough to give the engine up to 110 bhp. 106 bhp at 

6300 rpm were garantied. The torque was increased to 130 Nm (13,3 kpm) at 4400 rpm. So the ti could reach more than 185 kph - some say it was able to do 192 kph. To keep the costs low, the serial gear ratio remained untouched. On German "Autobahnen" (motorways) where you could drive as fast as you wanted to (in the 1970s), this was a real problem because one always risked to over-rev the engine. Due to that, a revolution limiter was on board, too to assure a longer life of the engine. The car itself stayed unchanged. Neither the serial equipment nor technical The interior.details were touched. Only the tyres were changed: Gleich-ti buyers got 160/70 13 HR tyres. There was also an Alfasud Sprint Gleich special editon sold by German Alfa Romeo dealers. This Alfasud Sprint was tested by the popular German car magazine auto-motor und sport in their 13/1979 edition. During their tests they measured an average fuel consumption of 13,2 litres on 100 km (the serial ti 1.5 had consumed 11,5 litres
  Alfasud Sprint 
1.5 (83 bhp)
Alfasud Sprint 
(106 bhp)
0 - 60 kph 4,8 sec 4,3 sec
0 - 80 kph 7,6 sec 6,5 sec
0 - 100 kph 11,4 sec 9,4 sec
0 - 120 kph 16,7 sec 13,1 sec
0 - 140 kph 24,7 sec 18,8 sec
0 - 160 kph 42,7 sec 27,3 sec
1km from rest 33,1 sec 30,8 sec

in the auto- motor und sport test). Other sources spoke of a consumption between 11,5 and 12,6 litres. The acceleration tests showed the following results:During the test, auto-motor und sport found out that the Gleich Sprint with its increased power reached the  limits of the serial suspension. The ti was at 16.300 DM, the Sprint costed 18.900 DM. A Volkswagen Scirocco GTI with 110 bhp costed 18.110 DM. When auto-motor und sport tested the Sprint, Alfa Romeo Germany planned to sell a total number of 500 units. In May 1979 the Alfasud Sprint 1.5 Veloce (1410 DM cheaper than a Gleich Sprint) appeared on the German market so that the Gleich version became less demanded and finally had to disappear.
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